Sundblad Crew

Sundblad Crew

Sunday, December 28, 2008

We're Baaaack!

It's been a crazy month and blogging has been the last thing on my mind. I know I have many faithful readers, haha, who have been dying for more posting! Your wait is coming to an end!!!! We received a laptop for Christmas, got our wireless internet working at our house, and now I can blog from the comfort of my living room couch, yeah!

Just to update....
Christmas was crazy! Our month started with my grandma turning 90 and everyone came home so we could throw her a party. I worked two weekends and between Shay Christmas and all our other family Christmas and gatherings we have barely been home. This week we have Tom, Mary, and my dad's birthdays!!! I do have a day off this week in addition to New Year's Day. On my day off I'm taking my kids to daycare and I'm coming home to clean and organize my house and closets! For those who don't know me well, this is my dream. A day off to clean and organize my house. I thrive when I have cleanliness and organization in my home. I become stressed when my house is out of control. I will soon post photos of our crazy life over the last month.

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and relaxing New Year.

The Sundblads

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nana!....We have a problem

Nate's mom had her house all ready for Christmas at Thanksgiving, because that is when we celebrate with Tom's family. This means the stockings were hung and stuffed full of goodies, yeah!!! Nana let the kids open one present from her and Tom while they opened from Bubba Dean and Grandma Viv (Tom's parents) as well. Well....the beloved gift was an Advent Calendar with chocolate behind each door. What an awesome gift...NOT FOR A TWO YEAR OLD!!!!!

Day 1: Nate and Conley sit on the floor of the kitchen and Nate explains that Conley gets to open ONE door each day and can get a chocolate. Today is the first day, so he can open the "1" for December 1st. Do you get it Conley. Conley (drooling at the mouth) says "otay dadda" and helps Nate open the door #1 and devours the chocolate. Of course he immediately asks for more, and Nate explains that he is going to go to bed and tomorrow is day #2 and then he can open another one. Conley says again "otay dadda". At this point I was loving this. I took pictures, our first advent calendar, scrapbook material (for my mom of course), oh so cute!!!

Day 2: Yes that would be today! The kid woke up, got dressed, went downstairs, and asked for the chocolate "dadda open it"!!! Nate came into the kitchen and they talked about how today was day #2 and opened the door and Conley ate the chocolate for breakfast. Now it gets fun! We get home from daycare and Conley spots the calendar (WHY DIDN'T I HIDE IT, I swear my mommy skills suck!) and asks for another chocolate, wanting Nate to open it! I play up that dadda isn't home and when he gets home HE will explain to you how this works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He whimpers, but agrees with me that would be okay (otay momma). Nate gets home and we try to explain that we are still on Day #2, but a TWO YEAR OLD DOESN'T GET IT!!!!! He begs, cries, tries to find it, tries to reach it, moves on to other sugary treats (dinner hasn't even happened yet), and finally demands water...weird.

Yes...Advent Calendars are fun for kids
Yes...They need to put a age limit on the box
Yes...They make great gift ideas
No...They should not be a gift for my children
No...I don't enjoy watching my child eat the chocolate and I get nothing
No...I can't find the day on the little board easily because they scatter them around, not in order
No...I don't think my child is eligible until he is at least 5 and until then just buy him a Hershey's candy bar, it will have the same effect
No...I don't have good hiding spots, where my child can't find the BELOVED Advent Calendar
Nate explaining the rules of the calendar. The tape is how daycare informs parents of diaper needs. Too funny, forgot that was on there!
Conley just received his first piece of chocolate.

He is showing me where is chocolate popped out of. The shirt should have been my first sign this probably wasn't going to end well. Above the words is a pretty "bad" motorcycle.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Shay has been crawling for about a week now. She is finally realizing she can get wherever she wants and is exploring the house. It is fun to watch her during this new cute! She is still a little on the petite side, weighing in at 50% for her age and 90% for height, so she is twiggy! She LOVES to dance. My goal is to get video of this posted this weekend. She is EXTREMELY flexible in her hips and gets her groove on to all music. We are hoping for the next Olympic gymnast, haha!

Conley loves all things chocolate. Normally Nate clears the table after dinner and I do the dishes. Conley has taken over Nate's duties and Nate rewards/pays him in chocolate for doing his job. The conversation went something like this...

Conley "I take momma the dishes, okay dadda?!"

Nate "I will give you candy bar anytime you do my chores buddy"

Conley "I get candy bar?"

Nate "If you clear off the table"

I never got paid in chocolate for doing my chores, how unfair!!!

My kids now take baths together...another video needing posted. It is so fun to watch them play and interact in the tub. The other night I put them in and sat back to let them play. Every kid has a poop face. Every mother can tell when their kid is loading their pants by their poop face. I did not see a poop face in Shay for one second. I don't know how long they played before I got closer to the tub to start washing and noticed some serious floaties. Shay had poop A LOT in the tub. I of course, clean freak, just start screaming for Nate. He comes running expecting a serious crisis, only to receive a naked Shay in his arms. He laughs and goes to clean her up. Meanwhile....Conley sits among poop, pointing and talking about it. I finally figure out to get him out and start scooping! Conley continues to dialogue "Shay pooped in the tub", "Shay we don't pee pee in the tub", "Shay we don't poopoo in the tub", apparently he needed to have this conversation with her earlier. Conley did receive the rest of his bath after some serious cleaning. I didn't have the camera handy, and I'm sure nobody cares to see the pics. Looking back, oh so funny, but in the moment very disgusting!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nothing is free!!!

A couple of months ago Nate worked at a house and a lady was sharing with Nate how her sons wanted a trampoline but they needed to get rid of a swing set first. Nate, of course offered to take the swing set off her hands. She told him he could have it for free if he would move it out of there.

So.... 5 guys and three trucks each pulling full sized trailors later, the swing set arrived at our home. Now, this was free, which was great because these things tend to cost as much as a down payment on a house! So find a place in the backyard and put the thing together, right?! Oh no, Nate (as stated in previous posts) tends to go all out, all the time! This free swing set, turned into many Menards trips, and adding on to the back porch. I haven't received the Menards bills yet, but I'm sure my swing set is the farthest thing from free. Now, don't get me wrong, I love my husband and his handy skills go unmatched! I can't recall hiring out anything that we built, fixed or remodeled on this house (except the roof, but it is trecherous). I have to admit, at first I thought is was a little much, but he did an awesome job, it looks great, and Conley loves it!

Here are pics from yesterday's first testing of the swing set by Conley. He was in love! We need to have all our friends over in the spring to help break it in right!!!
This is the walkway from the back porch over to the swing set, you can also turn right about half way down and there are stairs down to the back yard.
Nate and Sampson await Conley:)

This is looking at it from the back deck. It came with that seperate wooden swing set in the background. The colorful plastic set we have had for a couple years. It will be better for Shay next summer, or will make me feel more comfortable than the bigger one!

The steps Conley is climbing is the only part I feel is unsafe, which is saying a lot because I'm very cautious when it comes to my children. I will make Nate put something more protective in front of that opening until Conley gets older! Nate will be disappointed in this pic, I cut off showing his pond/waterfall. There are 2 small ponds behind the deck/porch that overflow a small stream to a waterfall and bigger pond at the bottom. You can see part of this in the picture above, it is the rock bed that the stream comes down before reaching the bottom pond. Sorry, my husband is not for hire...too many undone projects around here, plus we never see him because of that same reason :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wax Paper

1 roll of wax paper

1 toddler

1 man who sometimes acts like a toddler

2 girls trying to survive in this crazy house :)
The wax paper was obviously fun to run and slide on in the kitchen!

It was also fun to tear up and throw in the air, Shay loved this!

Probably not the safest activity. Don't even ask about the pants...

Our floors are quite slippery after this event.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Scary Baby!

When Chloe was younger I bought some toys to have at our house for when she would come over. I had purchased a baby that came with some accessories (bottle, comb, fake powder) at Stuff and was excited for the first time Chloe would come over to show her my new toy. She had been playing with it all night and it must have been time for them to leave. Mindy must have told her to tell me thanks for buying the baby for her to play with. Chloe's response "thanks for my scary baby aunt Sara". I remember we all burst out laughing. No one had given baby that name, she came up with it on her own. Now I have to admit, this baby has quite the haircut. It has a resemblance to my youngest sister when she was younger and just woke up in the morning, minus the dreadful perm my mother forced upon us for many years!!
I introduced Scary Baby to Shay this weekend. I figured she should have some girly toys, considering she has been playing with Conley's spiderman, Thomas the trains, etc. Shay didn't understand how to "love" her baby. Instead she loved grabbing it by the hair and swinging it around. She had a great time, but we'll have to work on her "mothering" skills. I have included some pics of Shay and Scary Baby's first meeting.
She tried drinking from this bottle a few times. She wasn't willing to share with her baby!
We tried to comb Scary Baby's hair, but we both felt it was a lost cause!
Such an innocent look, moments before she flings Scary Baby around by her hair!

"What, you don't call this loving my baby?"

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Honey & Snakes!

Another funny Conley story...I'm sure other moms have nicknames for their children or just use different names to get their attention or calm them down. I sometimes call Conley "honey", when trying to calm him down or just talking to him in general. I truly don't say it all that often. I'm sure he is called that at daycare every now and again. Where am I going with this you are asking yourself....well now Conley calls me "honey". Some of the phrases from the other night included, but not limited to:
"Honey, throw the football"
"Come play honey"
"Honey, more chocolate milk please"
I would respond with: "My name is mommy"
only to hear..."Moooommmmmy" shouted, and almost mocking me

It was so hard not to laugh. He is fascinated by our real names lately. Although, he still can't remember my name is Sara, but loves calling Nate by his name or Nathan. It truly is precious!

Boys and Snakes!
What is it with boys and snakes. Conley just loves snakes. He has a fake play snake that Nate and my dad bought him at the Mall of America. He loves playing with it. We had a huge black snake living under our front porch for the longest time. He (sadly, yeah right) died this past week, but Conley would look for him every time we went outside. One afternoon Conley carried a box around the front yard for a long time while I watched from the window. Little did I know he had caught a baby snake and it was in the box. I truly felt bad for the snake because Conley squeezed and handled the snake quite aggressively. I did capture the moment on film, just to gross Mindy out, haha! So this ones for you Mindy!!!
Pulling the snake out of the box to show me! Yes that is our dog/horse behind Conley!
Very proud of his new pet. No fear in handling the snake!

Inspecting the living conditions. I'm sure this box will be home to many other creatures!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pumpkin carving...Sundblad style

We carved pumpkins last Thursday night with my parents, Mary, Grammie Pat, Chloe and Isaac. Nothing like the last minute...that is how we operate most of the time around here!

Of course, Nate doesn't do anything lightly. Everything here is modified to be bigger, better and faster. Nate is the man of crazy ideas and inventions. His brain never stops working. For some people this would not be such a bad thing SOME of the time. However, it can be quite exhausting. So of course, power tools had to be used to carve our pumpkins. Nate used the jig saw and did an awesome job! I took some pics to capture the event, because I thought some may not believe (if you know Nate this comes as no shock).
I don't have any pics of the kids in their costumes, they are all on my mom's camera. So if I ever get those from her I will post them. Conley, of course, was Spiderman and Shay was a butterfly. We did a little bit of trick-or-treating and parading around to the relatives to show off our cute costumes.
Some power tool action. Poor pumpkins :)

The final product! I have no idea what happened to my kids' pants.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Shay, Shay, Shay

So I stumbled upon some pics of Shay when I was printing off my camera. She is growing so fast, and learning new tricks each day. She is truly a "mama's girl". The minute I pick her up she will stop crying, no matter the circumstance. She still has the mohawk chunk of hair. More hair is coming in, but there is no denying the "hawk". I picked her up from daycare about 2 weeks ago and they had her hair up in a sweet mohawk. My eyes must have gone wide when I saw her because they immediately responded with "we just couldn't resist". I just laughed and took some pics!!!

Marnee (a family friend) gave Kinzie and Shay warm winter pjs. We had a wedding in Minnesota 2 weeks ago and Mindy and I brought the pjs for the girls to wear without knowing the other had brought the same pair. Shay just loves Kinzie, although sometimes a little to aggressively. We can't wait for Kinzie to start sitting up and fighting back!! :)

It is tradition to take pics of my kids sitting in the spider basket. Conley cried the entire time we tried to get a picture. Shay, however, did awesome. It's our Longaberger candy basket, which Conley can't keep his hands out of!

My aunts took my kids to a Halloween party at my Grandma's assisted living complex. They had a great time. Conley loved handing out candy to all the people who lived there. He is Spiderman for Halloween and loving every minute of it. Luckily his costume is just a pair of pjs, so we will get lots of use out of it. Shay is a butterfly and was completely exhausted from her first Halloween party. Here is a pic of her passed out on my aunt's couch. Poor thing!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fun with friends...

Conley and I have been in a play group for about 2 years and yesterday I was off work and we were able to join our friends for some fun! Conley loves playing with kids his age and I love the opportunity to talk and get advice from mom's going through the same things I am. Here are some pics from our fun day! We were also able to talk to our friend Emily Malone who called us during our time at the Kampman's. Emily moved to Scotland and we miss her lots!!!
Conley and Carter wrestling and playing football.
Another group photo was attempted. Always a difficult task with this bunch!
Carter wearing Delaney's birthday hat. It was Delaney's 1st birthday Friday!!!
Delaney and Shay giving hugs. Delaney was so sweet to Shay. They start the 2nd generation of play group buddies.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

5 things I hate to admit....

I was tagged by Mindy, so here is goes...

1. I love to clean. I love a clean house, and I love order!!! I find cleaning my house is my way of blowing off steam and relieving stress. I have shipped my kids off to my parent's and my aunt's house many Saturdays so that I can clean my house from top to bottom. I am often made fun of because of this. I wasn't always this way, ask my parents! When I clean I go all out! I can't just clean the surface, I "spring clean" each time I go at it. I have decided with my crazy work schedule and 2 small children, that I must divide my house and do something each day so that it all gets done each week!!! Seriously, I love it!

2. I hate to admit that I love sorting people's stuff! Nate and I always poke fun at sorting dirty underwear. Seriously, it is NOT like that, we just have fun with it. It amazes me the things people get rid of or even buy in the first place. I am not making fun of what I do, I seriously love my job, but when you really think about it, it is kind of a weird concept to sort through other people's things all day long! I usually don't get to be in that area of the store all that much, but I sneak up there whenever I can because I just love the "hunt".

3. I love designer clothing. I have a weakness for brand name designer clothing. I understand it is a waste of money, but I love quality made, American made stuff!!! My aunt is a firm believer in items made in America, and I share some of that thinking. I would blow all my money shopping if I was not as smart with money as I am. This is a funny thing about me considering my own mother hates to shop. She also likes good stuff, but knows what she needs and she will go in, buy it, and come right out. I could shop all day! Luckily my love of consignment shopping saves me money on these designer goods!

4. I secretly love daytime tv. When I was home on maternity leave, or home sick, I could watch talk shows and soap operas all day. With this same admission, I love being lazy. I work hard 50hrs a week, but love sitting on the couch watching tv whenever I get the chance.

5. I hate to cook! I would hire it out 7 days a week if I could. I have no desire to cook at all!!! I love ordering take-out and I love when we get invited to family dinners, so I don't have to lift a finger in the kitchen. On that same note, I hate cleaning dishes!!! I do it because I love to clean, and want a clean kitchen. But, oh my, I would pay someone to empty my dishwasher and wash my dishes!!!

Okay so there are my 5 things I hate to admit! Now everyone knows a little more about me!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm alive...barely!

I was thinking that it had been awhile since I last posted. I thought I would let everyone know we are still here! It has been a horrible week!!! I have been sick for a week, I even went home early from work yesterday (this is rare for me, I never miss work because I'm sick). We have been crazy busy with family in town last week, my sister moving back to Florida, my granny in the hospital, Nate working like crazy, and now me with this cold that had caused my voice to disappear! I missed some fun stuff when I was sick. Sorry to Jen for missing the trunk show and to the Lybecks who invited us to an awesome speaker at Grace! I had to rest up for this weekend, we are going out of town for a wedding! Yeah, another hotel room experience with my 2 year old and 8 month old. I'm sure next week I will be even sicker from the lack of sleep yet to come!!! I have some awesome pics and stories from the last two weeks, hopefully Sunday I will have free time, haha!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Can we build it.....Yes we can!!!!

Yes we are fans of Bob The Builder at this house! Conley doesn't care for tv, but will watch Bob The Builder movies all day! At this house we have Nate the Builder. I love my husband and his handy skills, but oh my word! When he gets an idea in his head, there is no stopping him.

Idea #1: Add on to the shop. Of course, it isn't big enough already (sarcasm). Here is an idea, sell something (Mindy is giving me a high five right now)!!! So I guess I thought this would be a no big deal, easy project. How soon I forget, my husband is a perfectionist and he goes all out. I now have not seen him for the past 3 weekends. He works sun up to sun down, stopping only briefly last Saturday because it was our 5 yr anniversary and he thought maybe we should go for dinner. Side note....after dinner we went to Menards and I was forced to load sheets of steel in my designer jeans and high heels! There are no pics of this event! So below are pics of this first project. Conley is loving it, as my dad has brought the bobcat over 2 separate weekends!

Nate and our friend Luke (thanks Luke) are digging holes in the background for the posts. You can see Conley riding his powerwheels just beyond the trailer. He always was out supervising the guys work ;)

Nate is putting the steel sheets on for the roof. That horse would happen to be our dog Sampson. I'm sure Conley is riding away from him when this pic was taken.

My dad, Nate and Conley are cleaning up the rocks that were dumped by a dump truck (highlight of Conley's weekend, that weekend). Conley did more tossing of rocks with his shovel, than helping!

Idea #2: Build an apple press. We have an apple tree growing in our backyard. Until this year we have never picked the apples. Conley and Nate (together) climbed the 12ft. ladder (don't turn me into DHS) and picked apples one night. The apples are quite good and Nate decided we were going to make apple cider. Why buy an apple press when you can make one, right???? So I have included the pics of the apple press because I figured no one would believe me unless they saw it. I wasn't happy with the mess it created (typical Sara response), but the cider actually was awesome. It took 70 apples to make a little over a gallon. We all find this fact hilarious! Our apples are quite small, but now that he has the system down it should go faster. Plus, he is in his glory knowing he made the press and how awesome the cider turns out!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Shay's 6mo. Pics

So my mom took Shay to get her 6 month pictures taken by a gal we both love. Shay was not to excited to get all dressed up and smile for the camera. The first 9 pictures on the website are from that day. Luckily Jody said we could come back another day and reshoot. I finally got around to taking her and the pictures turned out much better. She is very hard to get a great smile out of, but did much better the second time. I listed the website below for all to check out. If you click on client login and the password is "shay". Remember the first 9 pictures are from the first photo shoot and the rest from when I took her. I think number 21 is my favorite. If only she would smile like I have captured on my wimpy camera, but in that outfit and with that cool background and that clarity!!!! You can't win every time! She is 7 1/2 months, so I guess I should be grateful that I got her 6month picture taken close to the time I should have ;)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Chloe!

Today is Chloe's 6th birthday! Wow, time has flown by. It feels like yesterday Nate was changing her newborn diaper and she peed all over the changing table. I remember Nate had no clue what he was doing, luckily he has improved since then! I have included some favorite pics of Chloe that I could find.

Some of the reasons we love "lola"....

1. She is always excited to see us.
2. She loves "babysitting" Shay when we are all together.
3. She loves food! This is one great thing we have in common.
4. She has the most caring heart.
5. She loves to shop!!!!!!!!!
6. She is very inquisitive. For the first time I had to explain to someone where poop comes from ;)
7. She loves her family!
8. Conley adores her because she is always willing to play with him and treats him like her brother.
9. She is a girly-girl. We have that great thing in common. We don't care too much for exercise, we're emotional and we come with drama!
10. She is Chloe! There is no one like her and she is the greatest niece/cousin anyone could ever have!
At American Girl Place with her doll. She had the time of her life! It was just fun watching her enjoy the experience and take it all in!

Shay absolutely adores Chloe. Chloe is always able to get a smile and a laugh out of Shay!

With her two buddies! It's a good thing she is bossy, these boys need somebody telling them what do and to keep them in line, haha!

You go girl! A tractor pull in a dress!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm a big girl now!

This post is an update on Shay! She is growing and changing everyday!!! She has been rolling all over the place for months and can now sit up on her own. She loves to sit up and play with her toys that hang down from her activity mat. She also has her first tooth poking through. The whole tooth is through the gum on the bottom, now we just endure the painful process of the tooth coming the rest of the way. Of course, followed by the rest of the teeth to come! I have always tried not to be the mom who compares her children, but seriously, Conley was amazing with teeth. He never had any issue. Shay has been somewhat crabby and not sleeping well. I can handle the crabby, but not sleeping is not working for this working (45+hrs per week) mom of two! It is a phase, that is what I keep telling Nate and myself! It is just crazy to think that she is closer to being 1. Time flies!!!

We are truly blessed right now with the presence of my sister Jill for the next month here in Iowa City. She is on the pro golf circuit and doesn't move to Florida (we don't feel sorry for her!) for winter until late October. She has been a tremendous help with my children and Conley just adores her. Shay is starting to be a mamma's girl, so her and Jill are in the bonding process. Nate has already hired Jill out to do some jobs around the house and I put her to work with bath time and reading books to Conley. Thanks Jill for everything, you rock!!!
Here is Shay showing off her new skills! She still is quite petite and actually wearing clothing that matches her age. Conley was always about a year ahead in sizing until this year.

This is her new look she gives us. I think she feels the tooth on the bottom rubbing against the top gums. It is the cutest look thus far! And yes, we are still waiting for the hair to come in thicker on the sides and back to accompany the mohawk! haha

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...

Last weekend Mindy, McKinzie, Chloe, Mary, Pat, Shay and myself all went to Chicago for girls weekend. I don't think Chicago will ever be the same, haha. We hit the road at 7am on Friday and shopped until we dropped! On Friday we hit a bunch of consignment stores in the suburbs of Chicago! We love seeing what else is out there and seeing what great finds we can score. Of course we hit some of our favorite retail stores too, Nordstrom Rack, Marshall's etc.

Saturday was the best day of Chloe's life. We visited American Girl Place in downtown Chicago. It was AMAZING!!!! Chloe's doll got her hair done and an extreme makeover at the beauty salon. We got both the doll and Chloe matching outfits, and we had lunch there. It was unbelievable. The doll sat with us at lunch and the food was amazing as were the decorations. I have included pictures because words cannot do it justice. I would (I think) recommend this experience to all. It is a little much, dollar-wise, but truly worth every penny. It was such a delight to watch Chloe take it all in and have such an awesome time. Of course when we were done at American Girl, Mindy had to bring Chloe back down to earth so we could do some more shopping! We shopped some more consignment right downtown (fun boutique consignment shops) and then headed back to the hotel for some pizza and hot tubbing! Sunday we hit the beloved IKEA and then headed for home. It was an exhausting weekend, but some great deals were had and many laughs!

The little girls did great. The poor things were taken in and out of the car about a million times and never got their needed naps or fun play time, but we have to train them young!!!!
This was our dessert. I love food! This gives you an idea of how "all out" they went on every tiny detail. It was awesome!!!
This is Chloe & her doll (Kit). Her doll was given a highchair that attached to the table.
Below is Kit getting her hair done. Chloe's doll had been quite loved, so it took a good 30 minutes for her beauty shop appointment. Some other dolls came and went in the time Kit got her makeover.

Mindy managing both while shopping! Poor Kinzie, Shay likes to give out lovin'.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Family Camp

We spent this past weekend at Hidden Acres Family Camp with Nate's parents, grandma Pat, Chloe, Isaac and our kids. We drove Tom and Mary's RV and pulled our pop-up camper behind. We had beautiful weather and great neighbors at our campsite, which all made for a great weekend. I tried to take a lot of pictures, because my family and friends will not believe I went camping unless it was documented, however, I am only in one picture. I always seem to be the one holding the camera and therefore not in many shots! I will work on this in the future.

They offered many activities throughout the weekend and we tried to attend as many as possible. It was hard to fit in activities with our nap schedule for the kids, so we have to go back next year to experience some more. Tom and Nate won the canoe race, the kids rode horses, Conley and Isaac played with minnows, some went to a rodeo, we went swimming, played at the beach and did some serious relaxing!!! I have included some pics from the weekend. For those who love to camp and even those who don't (I survived and this camping thing is growing on me) you should look into this camp on Labor Day weekend. They offer so many activities and have great facilities, it was great!
They had a minnow racing contest. The boys could care less about the contest, but definitely loved the minnows. I'm not sure if either minnow survived the boys!!!
Nate and Tom in the canoe race. The final round was intense, but of course they rocked it!

Shay getting a bath in the sink of the RV. She looks unhappy, but actually really liked it.

This was our campsite. Tom and Mary's RV is on the right and our pop-up is the one in the middle with the blue stripe. Grammie was a huge help with Shay. Her and Shay are buddies and got serious bonding time as I chased Conley and Isaac around. Our campsite area is much bigger than this pictures shows. There were many campers of families from Alberty City (where Tom grew up) and 1/2 of them were Sundblads. It was fun hanging out and getting to know everyone.

We biked from our campsite to all the buildings and events. My parent's gave us this burley after Conley was born and we love it! It took a few trips to get Shay positioned, but they loved it! Conley is not a fan of the camera and never has his eyes open when I take a picture!

Grammie helped Conley and Isaac feed this horse. They loved being so close and able to pet the horse.Conley would not get on the horse by himself (no complaining from mom on this one!), so Nate had to ride with him. Although I think Conley did better once up on the horse.

Isaac was first on the horse and out into the ring. Tom led Isaac's horse around the ring.

Chloe was in love! She of course hesitated, but after the boys got on the horses she was ready to go. Mary led her around the ring and Chloe yelled to make sure I got a picture of her!