Sundblad Crew

Sundblad Crew

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Apple Orchard

Our friends Troy and Hollie and their two girls joined us as well. We got lots of apples and of course yummy turnovers!!!
This pic is hilarious. I think Conley looks thinner lately as he gets taller, but in this pic it looks like he has a big belly still...too cute!
Jill and Shay picking apples. Shay LOVED eating the apples.
The guys...they kept trying to find the best "spot" to pick. They analyzed it all and let us know where to be. They are so funny!
The kiddos eating their apples. It was a beautiful day and we had a blast. A great activity before nap time!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Shay recently has gotten into dressing herself, sorta! She loves to put on clothes, anybodies clothing. It's hilarious, especially when she gets frustrated and can't get something on right.

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shay does not have the chickenpox! My mom and I were doubtful, but seeing that we are not holders of a medical degree we decided to have a pediatrician check Shay out. My aunt (LOVE HER) watched Shay today AND took her to the doctor. The doctor said she has a cold (yes, we knew this) and some mosquito bites! I think there is one confirmed case of chickenpox at daycare and Shay is due to receive the vaccine in 2 weeks. We are the family that contracts the weird illnesses so I was completely (okay sorta) calm going into today and actually had daycare lined up all week for Shay. Did I ever mention how awesome our families are and what a blessing it is to live close to all of them?!?!Conley thankfully agrees to push Shay around in her doll stroller. She will climb in it and yell for him until he gives a big sigh (hilarious) and agrees to push her around the first floor of our house.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Move It, Dig It, Do It

We went out the the fairgrounds, to the Iowa Children's Museum's event today. It was awesome. Conley loved "driving" all the vehicles and tractors. My dad and I took him out there and we had a blast just watching Conley soak it all up!
I can't even tell you what this is, except he loved it and it was easy for him to get in and out of!
I'm sure there are one of these in his future!!!
Trying on a fireman's helmet! He thought this was pretty cool!
Not so sure about the fireman's mask though!
He loves riding on our mower, so this is natural for him!
Similar to the tractor at Bubba Dean's!
He won the 3 year old tractor pull. I don't think he had a clue what was going on!!! All he cared about was riding the tractor and was mad he had to wait in line to do so.

We had a blast! My mom and grandma kept Shay at home so we could enjoy time with Conley. So much fun and easier just taking out one! Shay is a little under the weather AGAIN...daycare thinks she has chickenpox! There are several "red bumps" on her body, but nothing has blistered yet, so we are going to keep her out of daycare all week and see what happens. It is pretty routine for me to have each kid out of daycare for a week each year (yes we still have to pay) for some uncommon illness. I'm ready to have a healthy year!!! Maybe 2010 is my year!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Albert City, IA

Fun on the farm. We went to Albert City, Ia 2 weeks ago to visit Nate's grandparents. They live on a farm and Nate's uncle and his family live on a farm up there as well. We enjoyed spending time with them. Nate was able to help out Phil (his uncle) with their home remodel project as well. Thanks for everything, we'll be back!!!! We had beautiful weather and enjoy running and playing outside. We threw the frisbie, blew bubbles, played kickball, rode our bikes and just hung out!
Bubba Dean gave us a ride out to the field to check on the corn. Shay loves corn on the cob, so she didn't understand that this corn isn't for us to eat.
Shay was not a fan of riding in the tractor. Conley, Bubba Dean, Nate and Shay all are up in the cab. Shay would not get in unless forced by Nate.
Conley and Bubba Dean went for a ride around the farm. Conley LOVED this!!! He loves tractors and kept pointing out every tractor while we were in Albert City. This had to be his favorite part!
Bubba Dean and Grandma Viv have 2 horses that are kept at their farm. The kids loved petting, feeding and just talking to the horses. Shay LOVED them! She always got very excited and would scream at them, the minute she saw them.
They were not afraid at all!