Sundblad Crew

Sundblad Crew

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Birthdays, Fishing, and Friends

My kids are allowed to dress how they like most of the time. For some reason this day was filled with pjs paired with boots of some kind...above Conley in snow boots and below is Shay with her cowboy boots and pjs.

Nate's best friend is getting married this weekend. For their "bachelor" party 6 guys went ice fishing in northern Iowa last weekend. They had a blast and can't wait to make it a tradition next winter! Above is Shane fishing.
This is the lake they were on. When they pulled into the parking lot there were no cars...because everybody just pulled right out to the lake, up to their hut.

My birthday was this past week and I was blessed with a day off work and time with my family!!! We had a great night of homemade pizza, gifts and great cake!
Helping mommy open her gifts!
Helping blow out candles!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A day at home!

Thankfully I have today for working this Saturday! I have no desire to drive in this nasty weather!!!! Nate also has today off...he is usually slow in January and February and uses this time to get stuff done around the house. We are hoping for a productive day!

The kids are enjoying playing games, watching movies and just laying low in their pjs. I did however, include some pics of their "loving" relationship. They play really well together and fight really well together. I know I had this same relationship with my sisters, but SERIOUSLY it drives me CRAZY!!!!!!!
Playing together nicely. They are laughing and sharing and enjoying this....And then it usually turns to this! Conley got mad because Shay shut his fingers in the dollhouse door. We are working on "toughening up" Conley. He is quick to tell on Shay and get upset.
In attempts to have them love each other again, I had them help me make muffins together. They had a blast and loved waiting for them to finish baking. Needless to say we enjoyed eating them as much as making them!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quick update!

Sporting the cowboy boots. Shay got a pink pair for Christmas and Conley has a black pair. They thought it was fun to be matching in their boots!
Sitting together in the blanket basket watching cartoons. Of course they have been told not to do this and usually get in trouble, but I had to take a picture first it was so cute!
Shay loved my painted toenails, so we painted her toes. She loved showing them off to everyone!

The kids are sleeping, so I thought I would update really quickly.

Things are great at the Sundblad house. Our Foster Rd house will go on the market tomorrow, so the prayer is that it sells quickly and we get close to our asking price!!!! Nate and I are crazy busy with work and other projects. We are looking forward to a weekend in Vegas for our friend's wedding at the end of this month. In February we are off to Florida to visit Nate's parents for 10 days...a much needed vacation!

Conley- Talks NON-STOP. Often in the car he talks the WHOLE way home from daycare or to daycare without taking a breath. All I can do is laugh, because it is so cute and he is so funny! He loves to play with Shay and often asks her to play with him, which I love.

Shay- She is a girly girl. Loves to play with my hair and put all her clips in and brush my hair. She LOVES her brother. Follows him everywhere and is talking all the time. Her sentences become longer and longer and her understanding of us and what we are doing is great!!! She is learning so much at daycare and will be 2 in less than a month! She is still a little petite, but can hold her own if needing to fight back.