Sundblad Crew

Sundblad Crew

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shay is REALLY walking!

I know I promised her to be walking about 2-3 weeks ago, but this weekend she finally has it figured out! She will crawl every now and then, but prefers to walk, yeah!!!!!!!! I was excited for her to quit ruining pants and bruising her knees. The kids actually spent the weekend with my parents and sister (huge thank you), while Nate and I attended a wedding in Kentucky with the Sundblad family (seriously fun). We are glad to be home and see Conley and Shay for father's day!

Sorry such a boring, short post! I leave in 2 days for Arizona for a conference for work. So I have to get on laundry, groceries, cleaning and Nate's detailed instruction sheet for the 5 days I will be gone. HUGE prayer request, haha.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Golf weekend!

My sister and her caddy (her college coach).

So this was one of my favorite weekends of my life!!! I have never seen my sister play in a pro tournament event before, and I had the best time. My sister did not have the best golf weekend, but had the best support turnout yet and I know she wanted to do better, but truly we all had a great time and we all know she is a superstar! There were signs all over saying you couldn't take pictures and my mom warned me of this. I was able to sneak a few and have included some shots. Unfortunately my sister told me today that none of the players really care if you take pictures; if I would have known that I would have taken a lot more. Day one was sunny and hot = awesome!!! Day two was rainy and a little cold, not so fun! I have never experienced golf in the rain, and know I know why it is a bad idea. However, I love my sister and support what she is doing (and my cousin 6 months preggers walked it in the rain) so I was out there with my umbrella, rain pants, and golf shoes on! My sister had a great following and it was fun to learn a little bit more about this crazy golf life of hers!

After day one. It was beautiful sunny day and just the right temp. My white legs got some serious, much needed sun, yeah!!! My sister's high school friend carried her bag for about 100 ft. after my sister finished practicing (yes they practice after they just played 18 holes, doesn't make sense to me), and then had to rest, that bag is HUGE!!!

Day 2 was played in the rain! I looked AWESOME! I had some sweet golf rain pants and a HUGE golf umbrella. Sorry no pics of super-fan this day! In front of me you see the crowd waiting for Jill and the other player to tee off. Sorry the pics are out of order.
The sisters on day one! Jamie couldn't come on Saturday, she had a bridal shower she was hosting at my parent's house and a bachelorette party to attend!!! I had to be super-fan for the both of us, haha!
Super-fans!!! We have the best time and love supporting our sis. Lucky for Jill we both are very positive no matter Jill's performance and are always making her laugh!!!
Jill and her caddy getting a ride back to the club house after her round on day two! We were glad to get a smile out of both of them, considering they played the majority of the round in the rain and she didn't shoot as well as she could have.
The crowd following on day one. Needless to say she has never had a crowd that big and the media presence was a little annoying at times.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Crazy Summer!

Conley and Shay showing off their hats from Disney! Conley asks when he sees his hat in his room when we can go back. We keep telling him to save his money, and he then asks for money for his piggy bank. Like any picture, getting both to look and smile at you at the same time is impossible!!!!
Conley help me make brownies for a teacher at daycare that was leaving. He definitely is a fan of licking the bowl. Honestly we both could have ate the batter and bought brownies on the way to daycare the next day! WE LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!

June may prove to be the craziest month in our lives yet, okay...maybe it comes in third behind the first month after each child was born (no sleep, crying, diapers, breast feeding, etc) = yes June comes in third! Some may want to quit reading because the rest may bore you, but my fam will be excited and curious to see what we are up to for the next month!

1st week/weekend...My sister plays in Cedar Rapids for the Ladies Titan Tire Challenge. Folks, this an event you won't want to miss!!! There are 144 women who compete in the Futures Tour hoping to make the LPGA tour. These are all Professional Golfers with amazing talents. My talented sis happens to be on the Futures Tour and will be teeing off at 1:40pm on Friday! We expect her to kick some serious golfing bootie and win some serious coin this weekend. She is seriously an amazing golfer and will be on the LPGA tour in the next few if you don't come this weekend you can just turn on your tv and watch her kick Annika Sorenstam's (equals Tiger Woods in girls golf) butt! She is currently featured on the home page of the Duramed website: You can also see her on on the sports page, she did an interview with John Campbell last week that aired tonight!

2nd week/weekend...I work, go Stuff! AND my baby boy turns 3!!!!!!! Holy cow time flies!!! He is so excited for his birthday party weekend and keeps asking when his party is and if he can have a Spiderman car. He is constantly talking and exploring at home. He loves being outside and driving his power wheels around!

3rd week/weekend... Kentucky here we come. Nate is the best man in his friend's wedding and we are going to spend an extra day in Tennessee visiting my aunt and uncle. It will be a long 4 days with long days driving, but we are leaving the kids behind and are excited for a weekend with just the two of us. We will probably be bored, haha!

4th week/weekend... Scottsdale Arizona!!!!!! We are headed to Arizona for our annual work conference and I will be a workshop speaker this year. I am very nervous, but have great help at work preparing me for lots of questions and comments regarding our crazy-huge store. I'm excited for girls weekend and lots of sun and shopping!!!!!!!!!