Sundblad Crew

Sundblad Crew

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Funny Conley moments

I have tomatoes sitting on my window sill in the kitchen:

Conley- "I don't like momatoes"
Me- "They're really good for you"
Conley- "They are just for mommies, I will eat them when I'm a mommy"
Me- "Boys are daddies when they get bigger, girls are mommies when they get bigger"
Conley- "And babies are Shay-Shay"
Me- "Yup, okay"

Driving home from daycare today (it was POURING RAIN)

Conley- "Can I play outside at my house"
Me- "No, not today"
Conley- "Okay, we'll think about it mom, okay?"

I always tell him "I'll think about it", when he asks me to do things I don't want him to do. Too funny!

We have been having problems with Shay biting at daycare. She does it as a defensive mechanism when someone takes a toy or invades her space (she is a drama queen). Conley on occasion has a love-hate relationship with a few boys a daycare. By the conversation in the car the other day I see we still have some work to do.

Me- "Did you have a good day with your friends today?"
Conley- "Mom, we don't hit our friends we have to be nice, so I just hit Lucas a little bit today Mom"

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


For those who saw my Facebook status the other night...I captured Shay during her meltdown. She wouldn't eat dinner but stood by the pantry crying for fruit snacks. I held my ground and she didn't get any fruit snacks and went to bed! Tonight she ate her entire dinner and THEN got fruit snacks. Hopefully she figures out how this is supposed to work!

We start them early at this house! Nate can't wait to buy Conley his own dirt bike. For now I REQUIRE Conley to wear his helmet and Nate gives him rides around our property.

Conley eating some good ole corn on the cob!

Shay LOVES corn on the cob. She eats THE WHOLE THING!!!

Miss Shay in a sweet dress found at Stuff, of course!!!

A bull snake got caught in the insect sticky trap set by the bug guy. Thankfully our renter's boyfriend was here, he saved the day!

Conley got this golf cart for his birthday. Shay loves getting rides around the driveway.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We're here

We are still here, alive and as always crazy busy! I'm still searching for the camera cord, seriously my house is pretty clean and organized, I don't know what is going on!

Few facts to catch you all up:

  1. Potty training going well. Pretty much trained and even dry at naps, yeah!!!
  2. Shay is healthy and sassy. Totally a girl and totally drama, love it!
  3. Nate's first flip is almost done (he promised 2 more weeks). It went well, and we are excited to see him for the first time in 3 months :)
  4. With all the rental properties completed and all rented, and flip almost done...we bought a house! Nate was getting bored (yes he still has his business that occupies 50+ hrs a week). More details to come and pics. It is a home for us (yes we are moving), but the details are still unfolding as far as moving and selling. It needs work (of course, Nate would never buy a house that didn't) and an addition to give us more room. Nate is SUPER EXCITED, and I'm glad that it will be cheaper, smaller (less to clean), and we will see Nate more because he will be working at home on our own house, yeah!

There can't be anymore, I'm exhausted just writing and thinking about those 4 things. Someday I'm going to relax and enjoy the little things, but now I'm just enjoying "the ride".