Sundblad Crew

Sundblad Crew

Monday, March 30, 2009

I love my kids!

I, like any mother, have days where my kids stress me out. We have been really busy lately and have a busy spring and summer ahead of us. The other day the weather was beautiful and Nate took them on a little ride! Watching this melted my heart!!! Their faces were lit up with smiles and they didn't want to stop.

Our sled didn't get much use this winter (thankfully), so we put it to use in the Spring!!!

Conley is really into holding Shay lately, so he was loving this!

My lovely Shay!

I couldn't resist taking a picture when I saw her sleeping like this!

An update on Shay. We currently are taking medication for our 5th (!) ear infection since Christmas. They are hoping if she does not have any more we can wait on tubes until the fall if needed. She is FINALLY gaining weight, yeah!!! She is over 20lbs. and Nate and I both think she is really starting to fill out and is taller. She is definitely feeling more comfortable standing up, but not ready to take any steps on her own. She will walk if you hold her hands, but only for a short while. We are practicing!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Shades of Green

I am almost done blogging our vacation from about a month ago, how sad. I had a hard time finding the free time to sit here and type. I thought I would show some pics of our amazing resort. We stayed at the resort compliments of Nate's grandma. We stayed at Shades of Green, the military Disney resort on the Magic Kingdom grounds. They provided transportation to and from the parks, amazing!!!! We had the best time, thanks Grammie & Nana & Grandpa Tom.

Conley standing in front of the resort entrance on our final day. This was the warmest day, so we broke out the shorts and short-sleeved shirts, yeah!!!!

The front entrance to the resort. It was amazing. They had shops, ice cream parlor, restaurants, free Wii playing at night, video area for the kids, and much more!

Conley swimming the last day. Wearing Chloe's goggles!!!

Shay chillin by the pool. I couldn't tell that day her nose was so nasty (sorry). Remember she had a double ear infection and we didn't know it for another 24 hours, poor girl.

They had beautiful pond area with fish and you were able to feed them. They also had remote control boats that you could pay to drive. Conley loved the idea but soon lost interest.

This Mickey Mouse was in the lobby of the resort. Here is the gang on our second day on our way out to Animal Kingdom. About 2 seconds after I snapped this photo Conley (mr. clumsy) fell off Mickey's foot and face-planted on the floor.

Shay after day one. She of course pulled out her ponytail, so her hair is sticking straight up. She had more fun climbing in and out of grammie's suitcase.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Magic Kingdom

Our third day was spent at Magic Kingdom, my favorite. The weather was much better, and Shay was of course sicker. This park had more for Conley and all the Princess stuff for Chloe. I think we all really enjoyed this park.

Conley finally took a nap this day for about an hour in the stroller. It was much needed, because the two days prior had NO NAP!!!

Conley and Isaac had a blast trying on character hats in this store. We bought each of the kids a mickey mouse ears hat and had their name put on them. They all were excited to pick out their own style of hat.

Jill, Mindy (holding Kinzie), Nate, Shay, Conley and myself on a ride in Magic Kingdom.

The beautiful castle. Chloe, Mary, Mindy and Pat had lunch with the Princesses inside the castle. Chloe was so excited and had a great time!!!

Greg, Chloe, Mary, Isaac and Conley on the flying carpet ride. The boys got to ride this twice in a row, they were thrilled.

Conley driving Nate on the race cars. Conley did this once with me and once with Nate. He liked being able to steer.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Animal Kingdom

Our second day was spent at Animal Kingdom. It was definitely warmer this day and we enjoyed the sunshine. There was a TON to see this day. We went on a safari ride, played in a HUGE jungle gym, watched the parade, and saw some shows. There were many live animals to see and the kids LOVED it.
Conley in the stroller we rented from Animal Kingdom. He loved wearing his shades when he saw that Isaac and Chloe had some too.
Above is the crew eating lunch. We packed our lunch each day to help save some $$$. It was fun to sit and relax in the sun!
Below is my sister and Conley on the dinosaur ride. My sister lives in Orlando and was able to see us almost every day!!! We don't get to see her often enough, so that was great!!!
The parade at Animal Kingdom. It was awesome!!!

Shay enjoying the parade. It was one of the rare moments she was wide-awake and smiling. Poor thing was sick most of the vacation!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Here is pics from our first day at Disney. It was about 60 degrees and rainy part of the day. We made the most of it and saw everything we could in an 8 hour day. By the end of the day we were exhausted and ready for a hot meal and bed!!!
Nate and Conley ready for the 3-d movie. Conley was a little scared and kept jumping and moving in his seat to avoid the objects "flying" at us!
Chloe, Isaac and Conley getting swallowed by the shark ;)
Double trouble! Yes is was about 60, but Isaac was NOT cold in his tank top and shorts. That kid is never cold, he was so funny!!!
Conley and Nate with Pluto. Conley started to warm up after Pluto.
Conley and Isaac with Donald. Conley now started giving out high-fives and knuckles.
Giving goofy a high-five.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


We just returned from an awesome trip to Disney. Nate's parents gave us the trip for Christmas and the whole fam (Lybecks, Grammie Pat, Mary&Tom) went to Disneyworld for about a week. We had a blast and I took a TON of pictures. I thought I would share the airplane pics first. This was Conley's first time on an airplane and he was very excited. He did great!

This is at take off the flight down. The boys had a great time sitting by each other and did great!!!

This is Chloe and Conley going through the airport with their carry-ons. Conley was so proud of his little suitcase.

Shay sitting by herself while Nate stretched his legs. She did awesome considering she was sick all week and turns out had a double ear infection!!!
Conley asleep on the first flight coming home. He slept the whole first flight and got antsy on the second flight, but overall did well.
Isaac was very curious about where his pee was going to go when flushed. Mindy took this pic so I know she won't care that I posted it.

The crew at the airport. We came with quite the load. Tom and Luke got some awesome pics of the whole group with all our luggage.