Sundblad Crew

Sundblad Crew

Monday, May 18, 2009

This is the week!!!

Go Shay-Shay go!!!

I truly feel like this is the week!!!
Shay is feeling so much better. I believe that the 2 weeks out of daycare and several doses of antibiotic, tubes in each ear, and we are good to go. I'm praying that tubes will help lessen future ear infections, and they say if an ear infection should occur, it goes away faster with stronger ear drops for treatment!!!

Anyway...back to the title, Shay is going to walk this week. Quite the statement, I know, considering she just got used to standing not long ago. However, she will do 2-3 steps on her own before sitting down (yes, not falling, but the diva chooses to just not walk anymore than that). I told daycare today I don't pay them all that money for nothing, she needs to walk this week! Some say "be careful what you wish for", but seriously!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm very excited for her to hit her milestones "on time", and to be more independent. And of course, quit wearing out the knees on all the awesome outfits I have for her!

On our way to get her tubes. We left pretty early and she couldn't eat breakfast. She did awesome and I truly loved and would recommend the University!!!!

Shay's new favorite thing is to sit in this tote and throw out all the balls. She then yells until someone throws them back in for her to repeat the process. Conley of course, wanted to try Shay's new idea. Shay is not a fan of sharing!
Pushing around her baby! She loves to push her baby and the walker toy in the background all around the main floor.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Summer Fun!

10 days ago I wrote that Shay would be returning to daycare...well, she made it 1 1/2 hrs that day before I received a call at work to come get her. So again, she was out of daycare for another week and returned Thursday and Friday of this week, whoo-hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She made it all day, yeah!!! Seriously huge thank you to my family for helping out, they kept her all day so I could still work. Nate's grandma spent the most time with both her and Conley trying to get everyone healthy and gaining weight ;) Shay will get tubes this Wednesday at the University and I'm praying that this will help our situation. I truly feel she is 100% better having spent many days out of daycare, away from germs, eating and sleeping a lot!

I thought I would include some pics of the scores thus far during garage sale season!

Nate's mom found this sand/water table for is awesome. Both him and Shay played for hours last weekend. We didn't have any sand yet, but they love the water with the boats, which was fine for me, less messy;)

Conley also got this tool bench set, and of course knew he must wear his safety goggles when working with power tools ;) Again, Shay loved it also which made for some mommy free time to get some stuff done, yeah!!!!!!!!!!

The BEST find was this blow up jumping toy. The cousins loved it and had a great time! Of course the boys managed to get in trouble and we had to deflate it on the first day due to punishment, go figure. I'm sure this will be the HIT of the summer!!!!!

Conley and Isaac had a blast. Chloe of course designated one side for girls and one for boys. She put up signs indicating which side belong to who, but we quickly reminded her the boys couldn't read, she was bummed ;)