Sundblad Crew

Sundblad Crew

Saturday, July 24, 2010

We love Aunt Jamie!!!

My sisters are awesome with my kids! They love playing with them and are great to watch them when they are in town. Here are some great pics of my youngest sister Jamie with my kids. Thanks for being so awesome Jamie!!!
Reading with Shay. Not sure about the outfit Jamie, haha! Jamie is quite fashionable and always looks cute! Notice Shay has the crazy hair going on!!!!

My grandma's 90th birthday party. Bad outfit choice for Shay that day!!! She got called a boy many times, oops! She needed to leave the hair bow in and still some guessed wrong, seriously!

Just hanging out! Jamie and Shay have one sweet thing in common...Frantz Hair! Straight, thin and silky...can't do much with it!

Shay and her "mimi" (pacifier). She loves sitting with Jamie!
My sisters and my parents took Conley to cut down a Christmas tree. It is a family tradition!!!

Conley thinking Jamie is hilarious!!!!

Yes, we got in trouble with Nate for this one. Although it was a great pic!!! Notice the spiderman baseball and bat, plus the that still makes him "manly" :)

Baby Shay Shay and Aunt Jamie snuggling on the chair!
Out for lunch in Minneapolis. We had a great time visiting Jamie this summer! Excited to make it back up there again in the fall!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I love vacation!

We went to Minnesota for the 4th and had the BEST TIME!!! The kids swam in the lake all weekend and had a blast! I didn't take many pics, sorry! We were able to spend some time with my sister and with some friends...great trip!
Conley caught about 50 fish during the weekend...not exaggerating! His spiderman pole pulled in a fish every time on the lake. Here is the only family shot we got.

One of Con's many fish. He had the best time fishing and hanging out with the guys on the dock.

Our friend's parents bought this for their lake home dock. It is a 6 person float. This was the best invention. Many people floated in the sun throughout the weekend.

My love! I don't think he left the dock all weekend. He fished from sun up to sun down. When we retire I want to move south to the beach and sun...Nate wants to buy a fishing lodge in Minnesota. He wants to fish all summer and get snowed in during the winter. We will have a while to iron out the details of that situation! :)
Even Shay got in on the fishing action. She screamed, jumped, laughed and more each time she caught a fish. Each time she was more excited than the last as if it was a new funny!

The boys fishing at dusk. Nate on the left, Conley and our friend Ben Stubblefield on the right.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Father's Day

Father's Day fishing! We went fishing at a small pond in North Liberty for Father's Day. We all caught lots of fish and as always had lots of fun!
The kids tormented the fish in the 5 gallon bucket for A LONG TIME. Surprisingly they survived and Nate set them free!!!!

Conley had his shirt off, so Shay had to go topless as well.
I'm working to get caught up to present time.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One funny momma...

I love this momma's blog! She has great stories and pics about this crazy thing we call "motherhood". Please read her latest post here! Hilarious!

Thanks Keri for great laughs and the cutest pics.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The birthday that wouldn't end...

Conley had the birthday that wouldn't end. We celebrated early with the Sundblads, again when my sisters were in town and again at daycare. I think he asked everyday during the month of June for birthday presents!
Spiderman is still a favorite. He loves the movies, books, clothes and anything else Spiderman.

After visiting Will we learned about ALL the super heroes. Ironman is a new favorite of Conley's. Here he is in the same mask Will has!!!

Conley is now a fisherman. He loves fishing and now has all the gear thanks to Aunt Jill & Aunt Jamie!
Of course Shay had to steal and use whatever presents Conley wasn't guarding. Here she is in the new Spiderman hat and bat.

Thank you to Hy-Vee for making this sweet cake!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cake anyone???

Kinzie & Conley have birthdays 2 days apart, so we celebrated both birthdays together by the pool last month. Kinzie was LOVIN her cake!!! Shay happens to be a little to prissy to get that messy. Kinzie, however just attacked her cake!
More proof of their personalities.

Singing to Kinzie & Conley.

The kids had a blast with water balloons. Shay couldn't throw it hard enough for it to pop. She played with the same balloon for about 10 minutes.

The boys attacking Conley's presents. He got a ton of toys and candy...every boy's dream :)

We sent the boys to the shop for a new buzz and they came back with a reverse mohawk!

We immediately sent them back out to the shop for the dads to finish the job!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

They met on the internet!

Yes, they met on the internet! My sister is a nanny for a family in Georgia who have a 3 year old boy. Conley and I went for a visit in May and had a BLAST. The boys have skyped A LOT, but never met in person.
Superman ice cream...always a favorite!

Swimming with Jill in the pool. Both boys enjoyed swimming all weekend long!

Conley had a blast in the ocean! The boys loved diving into the incoming waves. He thought it was hilarious. We loved seeing the ocean again.

Swinging at the park. We packed a lot of activities into 4 days. It was hot and sunny and we loved it!

Both in love with super heroes, here in batman and superman pjs playing with their computers.

They always ate the EXACT same thing! What one did the other just followed. It was so cute. They truly had the best time together!

Matching superman pjs, playing with their super heroes. This is about 10 minutes after meeting for the first time in person. They acted like they were life long friends. It was great! We were lucky to meet up again in June when Will came to Iowa. We took the boys to a water park and again they had a blast!