Sundblad Crew

Sundblad Crew

Monday, March 26, 2012


We were in Florida for 10 days over Spring Break enjoying family, sunshine and much more. I have some photos from Disney and Marco Island I will post later. We went boating to a secluded beach while in Marco Island. We THINK Conley stepped on something that punctured his foot and then came in contact with some sort of bacteria. The infection started to spread up his ankle and leg within 24 hours.
This is the punctured spot that originally became infected. Poor buddy. He was a trooper! We spent 4+ hours in a Marco Island quick care. They truly are on island time. Very laid back, slow moving and care free.
He was put on 2 antibiotics and a 1 time tablet for larva (?). The foot healed nicely and within 48 hours we saw huge improvement and he was able to walk on it.
But apparently that wasn't the end of his battle. We came home on Saturday from Florida and the kids returned to school on Monday...yeah!!! Conley came home from school on Monday with a high fever and a dry cough. He did not go to school the rest of the week!!! On Thursday/Friday the cough turned wet. Poor guy.

Sunday he woke up with the rash above all over his body. It got worse throughout the day, so we took him to the doctor. He tested positive for Influenza B. We had been to the doctor earlier in the week and they thought it was a virus. They believe the rash is a side effect of 1 of the antibiotics. We have stopped both antibiotics and are pushing fluids with lots of rest. He is pretty miserable and VERY self conscious of how he looks. The rash is still bad today and is definitely ALL OVER his body. They said it will start to fade after 48 hours. Fever is more low grade today. Hoping today is the day we turn the corner!!! Pray for Conley to get better fast!!!

On a brighter note...we have a new summer ride! For those who didn't get the pleasure of seeing or experience our previous was a stellar 3-wheel blue 1970's golf cart that most recently did not have a muffler. We would drive it to the ice cream store up the street and over to Mary and Tom's to the pool. Nate felt it was time to upgrade. Saturday they ventured out and upgraded to this beauty. Of course it came stock and then received a lift, knobby (?) tires and the back seat! It came with a radio and has lights...whoo whoo! It will be in the parades for Stuff Etc and will be used lots to carry the grandkids to the ice cream store, campsite playgrounds and just around our properties!!! Stop by anytime for a ride (haha)!