Sundblad Crew

Sundblad Crew

Monday, December 14, 2009

It's a good night

Dinner made- CHECK
Cookies made- CHECK
Dishes done (husband did)- MAJOR CHECK
2 loads of laundry done- CHECK
House picked up- CHECK
Kids getting a bath (husband doing)- MAJOR CHECK

All that is left is to put the kids to bed and then the beloved 1.5 hrs of P90X. I'm so sore from yesterday, but I really want to stick it out!!! Nate bought some free weights and the bands needed for the program today! Hopefully I can still walk tomorrow!

Big girl bed update...Last night was AMAZING! Never woke up in the night, yeah! Slept from 8:30pm-6:30am. She is a rockstar!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Goodbye Baby!

This was a big weekend for Shay! We switched to the "big girl bed" longer my baby. She AND Conley were very excited. They jumped on the bed and loaded it full of her blankies and stuffed animals. She started off with nap on Saturday and did AWESOME! Last night was not the greatest but she tried hard! Her room is really cold and I really think she was cold and not just protesting her bed. She again did awesome at nap and even better tonight going to bed. Hopefully tonight goes well!!!! So now onto big girl stuff, yeah!!!!

You can barely see her in the corner because her pants match her pink blankies (not on purpose)

For now she has a mattress & boxspring on the floor. And yes, Conley's car sheets until I get her some flowers or girly something. We did put up a bed rail along the side and pillows on the floor at the end. She has my beautiful wrought iron white bed waiting for her when she is ready to be higher off the floor.

Conley rides with Nate on both the snowmobiles and the dirt bike. I was always concerned about his safety (big shocker) and wanted him in full gear. Nate found a great deal on a helmet that can be used for both dirt bikes (summer) and snowmobiles (winter) with extra parts for the different seasons. The helmet looks just like Nate's. Conley is in love...he had to put both in his room on display, hilarious!
Here are the matching helmets

On another "big news" note...we started working out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For those who know me well, know I NEVER workout! I have been blessed with my dad's family's metabolism and body type. It however isn't shedding baby belly fat naturally (shocking), so I have been keeping my eyes open for something that will get me me that is what it is going to take. Well...I found it- P90X! Nate and I are going to do it together and we started tonight AND it KICKED MY BUTT! I am a weak individual. Nate did awesome. We decided to take before pics and after pics 90 days from now. I am determined to stick this out! I have been known to get on a workout kick and drop out 1 day later. This helps that Nate is excited about it and doing it with me. Pray for me...I going to need it :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let it snow!

Here are the fearsome twosome ready to roll. They were in charge of clearing the driveway tonight! Conley wore his snow pants and jacket for 2 hours (even while inside), he finally took it all off to put on pjs. He loves the snow and helping his dad!!!
Shay thought she wanted to go until Nate turned on the snow blower and she quickly changed her mind. She is always scared of loud noises, hates the dirt bike, vacuum, snow blower, etc.
The boys hard at work. Nate is leaving soon to go into town to get one layer plowed at our rental properties! Hopefully it's not too bad and he returns soon, I need his help in the is almost finished!!! Only 3 nights of organizing and filing of papers, we both are vowing to be better in this area of our lives!

Monday, December 7, 2009

New do!

Conley and Nate are down working in Tom's shop and Shay is in bed. Yeah, peace and quiet!!! We often play hard and loud after dinner (it is the only time with our children during the week) so I love the moment both are in bed and the house is quiet. I should be organizing Nate's office (I promised to finish it this week), but I thought I would catch up on blogging.

Poor Conley inherited from me the inability to keep the eyes open when smiling! Poor buddy!

We cut Conley's hair last night and Nate's. Nate is on a saving kick and decided to forgo the trips to the barber and save money by having me cut his hair. He is funny about it being done perfect, so I was very nervous. Both him and Conley got a buzz and I think I did a great job!!!

Shay was really into saying cheese during this picture. I think Conley was talking to me, big shocker! Conley talks almost nonstop. He always talks the whole way home from daycare and any other time we are in the car. He also talks his way through dinner. He is so funny!

If you look close you can see that Conley is gripping his "monies". He was given $1 from me the other day, when he was curious about my wallet and money being in it. He then began the death grip, and carried it with him at all times that day...including bed!

An update on Shay: We had a 6 month check up for her tubes and they are both still in!!!! Hopefully they will stay in throughout the winter months. Last winter was awful with her being sick all the time. We don't have another appointment for 6 more months. She is talking more each day and you can understand her better everyday. She can say her ABC's and count to 10 with some coaching. She is really growing in maturity the last couple months. About 2 months ago she was moved into the 2 year old room at daycare. They felt she was mature enough and would benefit from the learning activities...I would have to agree. She is developing so fast on all levels and is no longer my baby :(

Shay and her "mimi"...she loves her paci!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our new house!

Okay, I know it has been awhile! In my defense, I work 50 hrs per week, have 2 children, moved to a new house in 2 days with one week notice, and I'm sure I could come up with more excuses if you gave me more time and would listen.

I have included pics of the new house. I miss our old house for so many reasons, but love the new house for its differences. Some things I miss, my beautiful kitchen...I loved that kitchen and all the storage and the cabinets! I miss how the old house felt cleaner and more up-to-date. I loved being so close to downtown, daycare and church (now we actually have to leave the house 15 minutes before church instead of 5, hehe). I love how the new house has the kid's bedrooms on the first floor. We have cut down on the amount of toys EVERYWHERE. They have to keep toys picked up and in their bedrooms...this causes them to play in their rooms more, I love it. I really appreciate the new house being smaller. We got rid of A TON of stuff (thanks stuff etc) and having a smaller house makes cleaning a whole lot easier!

This is our living room. We just moved up this tv, it is supposed to be downstairs. We were given an antenna thingy (I don't know what it is) from my aunt and it only works with our newer tv. We are in the market for a small flat screen and obviously need a tv stand of some sort. This is the old fax stand from Nate's office at the old house.

This is my awesome dining room table (now being put to everyday use). Sorry it's a horrible pic. This is where we eat all the time, we don't have a dining room in this house!
This is our kitchen. We have nice oak cabinets, just need some updated hardware. We will be moving over our dishwasher from the old house and someday completely remodeling this kitchen. We are going to take it out about 6 ft, off the back of the house and gut it! This is funny to those who know me and my cooking skills! But I believe we need a nicer kitchen and everyone always hangs out in the kitchen!
This is the downstairs tv area and play area. It really is huge, but this just shows one part. We have an extra fridge down here and cabinet storage. The kids have their toys down here and soon the huge tv and surround sound will be set up down here.
This mess is bedroom/slash office. Nate's business is run out of the back 1/2 of our bedroom. Luckily the room is huge and we have yet to purchase a bedroom set. I have only been looking for something for 6 years. I can't find anything I like and we are remodeling and putting on a master suite to this house, so I might as well wait to see what the bedroom will look like. In my defense it is laundry day today, and we are going to finish unpacking the last 3 boxes of office papers and personal files!
This is our entry into the house. You can go down the stairs to the right or come straight into the kitchen or living room. It is hard wood throughout the whole house except downstairs family room.

This is our backyard, or some of it. We have 3 acres and it backs up to timber, which makes it feel more than 3 acres. Nate of course says it is perfect for a pond and then we will use the pond to put in geothermal, yada, yada. Go for it buddy!

Samson! He lives in the greenhouse attached to the house. More on this in a later post. The kids love him more everyday. We are glad we kept him. He now will let us put on a leash and actually has gone on walks to the res with us. He definitely is getting more mellow and getting more used to the kids.
This is why we can't live in town. We own more trailers than anyone I know. 4 snowmobiles sit on the side of the garage, there are dirt bikes, two riding lawn mowers, and I'm sure other items I don't even know about. We would look like hillbillies in town for sure!!!!!!!
This is the front of the house. We are planning to add a 3/4 stall to the right of the garage. Behind that will be a master suite with a walkout shop in the basement. Of course we have MANY remodel projects. We are trying to wait at least 2 years before we start anything major. We are happy here and it definitely feels like home. We have awesome neighbors (we really have never had neighbors) as Nate's parents live 2 doors up and the couple that lives between us is awesome. We enjoy being close the res, and have taken walks out there almost every weekend.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yeah, we are connected!!!

We finally (after 3 days of trying!!!!) got internet, phone and fax ALL working. I had to do a little yelling at several Qwest employees, but finally got us hooked up.

We are completely moved (1/2 of the shop is done, the rest to come over this weekend), just need to clean Foster Rd this weekend!!! Nate has some serious picture hanging and minor things here and there. It really is starting to feel like home.

I will post pictures soon. Grandma Pat has my camera in Israel, but as soon as she returns I will post pics of the new house.

Thanks for all who helped, prayed, provided meals, packed, unpacked, and so much more!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Apple Orchard

Our friends Troy and Hollie and their two girls joined us as well. We got lots of apples and of course yummy turnovers!!!
This pic is hilarious. I think Conley looks thinner lately as he gets taller, but in this pic it looks like he has a big belly still...too cute!
Jill and Shay picking apples. Shay LOVED eating the apples.
The guys...they kept trying to find the best "spot" to pick. They analyzed it all and let us know where to be. They are so funny!
The kiddos eating their apples. It was a beautiful day and we had a blast. A great activity before nap time!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Shay recently has gotten into dressing herself, sorta! She loves to put on clothes, anybodies clothing. It's hilarious, especially when she gets frustrated and can't get something on right.

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shay does not have the chickenpox! My mom and I were doubtful, but seeing that we are not holders of a medical degree we decided to have a pediatrician check Shay out. My aunt (LOVE HER) watched Shay today AND took her to the doctor. The doctor said she has a cold (yes, we knew this) and some mosquito bites! I think there is one confirmed case of chickenpox at daycare and Shay is due to receive the vaccine in 2 weeks. We are the family that contracts the weird illnesses so I was completely (okay sorta) calm going into today and actually had daycare lined up all week for Shay. Did I ever mention how awesome our families are and what a blessing it is to live close to all of them?!?!Conley thankfully agrees to push Shay around in her doll stroller. She will climb in it and yell for him until he gives a big sigh (hilarious) and agrees to push her around the first floor of our house.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Move It, Dig It, Do It

We went out the the fairgrounds, to the Iowa Children's Museum's event today. It was awesome. Conley loved "driving" all the vehicles and tractors. My dad and I took him out there and we had a blast just watching Conley soak it all up!
I can't even tell you what this is, except he loved it and it was easy for him to get in and out of!
I'm sure there are one of these in his future!!!
Trying on a fireman's helmet! He thought this was pretty cool!
Not so sure about the fireman's mask though!
He loves riding on our mower, so this is natural for him!
Similar to the tractor at Bubba Dean's!
He won the 3 year old tractor pull. I don't think he had a clue what was going on!!! All he cared about was riding the tractor and was mad he had to wait in line to do so.

We had a blast! My mom and grandma kept Shay at home so we could enjoy time with Conley. So much fun and easier just taking out one! Shay is a little under the weather AGAIN...daycare thinks she has chickenpox! There are several "red bumps" on her body, but nothing has blistered yet, so we are going to keep her out of daycare all week and see what happens. It is pretty routine for me to have each kid out of daycare for a week each year (yes we still have to pay) for some uncommon illness. I'm ready to have a healthy year!!! Maybe 2010 is my year!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Albert City, IA

Fun on the farm. We went to Albert City, Ia 2 weeks ago to visit Nate's grandparents. They live on a farm and Nate's uncle and his family live on a farm up there as well. We enjoyed spending time with them. Nate was able to help out Phil (his uncle) with their home remodel project as well. Thanks for everything, we'll be back!!!! We had beautiful weather and enjoy running and playing outside. We threw the frisbie, blew bubbles, played kickball, rode our bikes and just hung out!
Bubba Dean gave us a ride out to the field to check on the corn. Shay loves corn on the cob, so she didn't understand that this corn isn't for us to eat.
Shay was not a fan of riding in the tractor. Conley, Bubba Dean, Nate and Shay all are up in the cab. Shay would not get in unless forced by Nate.
Conley and Bubba Dean went for a ride around the farm. Conley LOVED this!!! He loves tractors and kept pointing out every tractor while we were in Albert City. This had to be his favorite part!
Bubba Dean and Grandma Viv have 2 horses that are kept at their farm. The kids loved petting, feeding and just talking to the horses. Shay LOVED them! She always got very excited and would scream at them, the minute she saw them.
They were not afraid at all!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Funny Conley moments

I have tomatoes sitting on my window sill in the kitchen:

Conley- "I don't like momatoes"
Me- "They're really good for you"
Conley- "They are just for mommies, I will eat them when I'm a mommy"
Me- "Boys are daddies when they get bigger, girls are mommies when they get bigger"
Conley- "And babies are Shay-Shay"
Me- "Yup, okay"

Driving home from daycare today (it was POURING RAIN)

Conley- "Can I play outside at my house"
Me- "No, not today"
Conley- "Okay, we'll think about it mom, okay?"

I always tell him "I'll think about it", when he asks me to do things I don't want him to do. Too funny!

We have been having problems with Shay biting at daycare. She does it as a defensive mechanism when someone takes a toy or invades her space (she is a drama queen). Conley on occasion has a love-hate relationship with a few boys a daycare. By the conversation in the car the other day I see we still have some work to do.

Me- "Did you have a good day with your friends today?"
Conley- "Mom, we don't hit our friends we have to be nice, so I just hit Lucas a little bit today Mom"

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


For those who saw my Facebook status the other night...I captured Shay during her meltdown. She wouldn't eat dinner but stood by the pantry crying for fruit snacks. I held my ground and she didn't get any fruit snacks and went to bed! Tonight she ate her entire dinner and THEN got fruit snacks. Hopefully she figures out how this is supposed to work!

We start them early at this house! Nate can't wait to buy Conley his own dirt bike. For now I REQUIRE Conley to wear his helmet and Nate gives him rides around our property.

Conley eating some good ole corn on the cob!

Shay LOVES corn on the cob. She eats THE WHOLE THING!!!

Miss Shay in a sweet dress found at Stuff, of course!!!

A bull snake got caught in the insect sticky trap set by the bug guy. Thankfully our renter's boyfriend was here, he saved the day!

Conley got this golf cart for his birthday. Shay loves getting rides around the driveway.