Sundblad Crew

Sundblad Crew

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yeah Baby!!!

 The lumber got delivered...whoo whoo!!!  But the mailbox didn't fair to well.  It was probably the nicest thing on the property and it was smoked by the lumber guy.  So now it matches our decor.  Doesn't everyone put out their mailbox on a saw horse?!
 Standing in the shop looking towards the garage door.  When the floor was first poured it did not seem very big, but now it feels huge and awesome!!!
 The floor was slightly not straight, so they had to jack it up and put up supports.  I'm sure my terminology is horrible, so use your imagination :)
 The kids love playing in the dirt, pulling out nails, picking up sticks and other random tasks Nate assigns.
 Huge blessing...the guy in yellow and the guy in white!!!  Nate's cousins from Albert City, IA are here for 3 days to help demo.  Luke (in the white) was here for 3 days last week.  We love hanging out with them and they are AWESOME workers!!!
 Standing in the entry looking at Shay and Conley's room.  Those that remember what it used to look like...the stairs Nate built are gone, Conley's loft gone...we have plans for new stairs and to open Conley's room up a little bit.  NO MORE CHANGES!!!  The stairs and loft change just came up last week.  We are hoping to not change our mind much more...we do want it perfect, but need to set some things in stone!
 Looking across the stairs into Conley's room.
 My old closet (that I shared with Nate)...just wait til you see my new one!  I think I dream about it every night!!!
 This is one days work!  It is so fun to see progress, new-clean looking wood, supplies on much left to do, but thankful for today's work!

This is what is left of Nate's burn pile.  On Sunday he lit this pile of debris on fire.  The ranger showed up, 2 sheriff cars and the North Liberty Fire Department (2 trucks).  I had mentioned there was a burn ban, but since it had rain Nate thought it would be fine.  So far no fine has arrived in the mail.  Never a dull moment at our house.  Obviously the fire was RAGING when they showed up.  Yes, there was a burn ban, but it was almost out when they showed up.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Big Dig

 We were invited to the Big Dig again this year and had a blast.  We took Nate with us and he LOVED it.  Conley and Nate drove/played in every tractor there.  
 Shay doing some digging.  It is awesome great of John Deere to bring out all their equipment and let us play!  The boys had a blast.
 Shay and Nate driving a bulldozer.  Hopefully that is the right name.  They had virtually no lines, the wait was minimal, for each piece of equipment.
 In the hospitality tent Shay got her face painted.  She asked for a beach ball?!
 Nate and Conley hard at work.  This was Nate's favorite!
 They had an area with games/obstacles with the scoop.  Conley and Nate were up for the challenge.  They conquered them all.
 Conley in control on an obstacle.  It was amazing that they let the kids operate the machines.
 Shay stood under this tent with this 2 person band for at least an hour.  Her and this little boy were blowing out bubbles in from of this fan.  Hilarious!  The music was actually really good.  They had a food area and drinks.  It was such a great night!!!
At the end of the night John Deere brought out all their equipment and performed each piece of equipments capabilities.  It was fun to watch.  They closed the night out with fireworks.  Thanks Big Dig for a great night.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Oh my Oh my!

 This looking down at the foundation and the floor of Nate's shop.  
 The entry into Nate's shop.  We are really close to pouring the floor...should happen next week!!!  That means we are close to seeing some framers around this place!
 The back of the beautiful :)
 There used to be a solid wall here.  This is looking to the back bedrooms and into the kitchen.
 Here is standing by the front door looking at the kitchen.
Here is what used to be the kids bathroom and laundry room.  We are so excited for the changes and to make everything new.  We have decided to take everything down to the studs.  We will be checking and reworking electrical, insulation, drywall and much more!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th FUN!

 Shiloh fireworks were a first for us this year!  Conley and his balloon hat.  The kids had fun and the fireworks were AWESOME!!!
 We stood in line for 1 hour and 20 minutes (PAINFUL) to get our face painted.  There was 1 gal painting and hundreds of kids wanting painted!  Did I mention it was 90+ degrees and pure sunshine!!!
 The kids loved getting their face painted!
 Our dragon and butterfly!
 Of course the 4th is not complete without the Coralville parade!  Best parade ever!!!  Team Breast Friends represented this year!!!  Awesome float design courtesy of many family and friends and team members of course!
 Our brave walkers.  Huge thanks to Emily, Kelly, Hailey, Deb, Mary Ann and Dad for helping us out this year!!!
 60 miles or bust!  We thought our bra idea turned out great!
 Banner courtesy of Hollywood Graphics...looked awesome and promoted this great cause!
 Shay helped hand out candy.  Conley and Nate watched the parade this time.  Conley said "he never gets to watch parades, he is always in them"...well he got his wish, a bag full of candy!
 When we were done with the parade the boys rode dirt bikes for awhile.  Conley loves to follow Nate around on the dirt bike.
Here comes the fearless duo.  We were so tired from Tuesday night in Shiloh and the parade, the kids and I took a nap.  We swam the rest of the day with family and friends.  All in all it was a great day!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Goodbye 2 front teeth!

 The 2nd of Conley's two front teeth fell victim to Conley's crazy way of taking out his teeth.  It was REALLY loose and I kept telling him to just yank it out really fast.  Instead I sat in disbelief as he turned the tooth around and around (like an apple stem) until it snapped out.  At one point he stopped and looked at me and I was looking at the back of the tooth facing forward.  I was too stunned to grab my camera until it was all done!
 That brings the count to 4.  The front bottom 2 teeth have fallen out and the permanent teeth are making good progress coming in.
So excited...he had to run his tooth outside and show Nate.  He is all grown up :(