Sundblad Crew

Sundblad Crew

Monday, January 7, 2013

Getting Excited!!!

 We now have appliances!!!  This is the corner oven and the microwave.
 Bannister almost complete.  We ran out of spindles (frustrating) so this project came to a halt, but hopefully will be finished soon.  We have the most talented carpenter (behind Tom and Nate) helping with the finish work.  He is awesome!  He built the posts for this railing.  Nate could not find anything he liked, so he designed them and Darin built them.  

 I had 3 non-negotiable for the house:  the wood floors (in the main area), my laundry room and MY CLOSET!  This is almost done.  The middle section will have drawers (Nate is custom building them).  Nate designed and built this closet.  The side you can see is my side.  Nate's side is on the left.
 Mudroom built by my father-in-law.  He built the upper cabinet for the baskets of winter gear.  The wooden strip will have hooks all around.  And he built the bench a picture below.
 Laundry room.  I will no longer spend a weekend day off doing laundry.  Hoping to not use precious free time to keep our clothing clean.  This was 1 of 3 non-negotiable on my list that I worked the budget hard to get.
 The bench in the mud room.  Everything is covered with cardboard to keep it protected.  All wood, appliances, flooring, walls is etc is also covered with dust.  This is a work zone and it shows!  All clean freaks with free time are more than welcome to come clean in a week...hehe!
Stairway up to the play room.  Nate really likes the molding around the doors.  Darin did a fabulous job making Nate's visions a reality.  We are excited to have this room above the garage finished off and dedicated to toys and lots of fun!!!  The kids are excited as well!  My dad and Nate are working on the floor/room to make it awesome!

Huge thanks to Nate's dad and my dad for their support and help.  They have great talents and we appreciate their help.  Both have huge experience in home building and much more!!!


Andrea G. said...

SO SO SO EXCITING! Let me know when you are cleaning and I will try to work it out. You know I love to clean :) Can't wait to have a playgroup date there :) I am sure you are excited to be on your own again!

Amy Keller said...

Love the laundry room! That will be a non-negotiable when we get to that part of the house. I have been eyeing the stackable set - this will be a space-saver.