Sundblad Crew

Sundblad Crew

Monday, April 27, 2009

Here we come daycare!

Tomorrow is Shay's first day back at daycare in 10 days!!! Daycare has probably enjoyed taking my hard earned money and not having 2 kids to watch, jk. We have scheduled tubes at the University on May 13 and I need her to be well for that appointment. She seems to be doing SOOOOO much better. She is still on antibiotic and the nebulizer twice a day. I feel she is gaining weight and is getting really close to walking. Overall it has been a beneficial 10 days home away from germs. I on the other hand have a little bit of cabin fever! I'm used to going full speed and running around like crazy...maybe that is problem- Shay is telling me less running around and more at home resting...but that is no fun!

I thought I would include some pics of my healthy gal...

Miss Thing has a little bit of "tude" when I try to get her to smile. She does the "I'm holding it in" smile, until I act crazy enough that she starts to laugh!
Finally I got a good smile out of her! Notice the little piggies...I love doing her hair!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


It has been crazy since my last post, so this post will include many things! We had a nice Easter weekend, my sister was home from Minnesota, the kids enjoyed many awesome Easter egg hunts, and I got a pedicure (MUCH NEEDED, thanks sis!)! Shay is sick again and I was frantically stressed about her health this week, but I am doing better. I scheduled an appointment for her at the University of Iowa Pediatric ENT next week and I am very excited to hear a new doctor's take on her body! She has not been well since before Christmas and it has been emotionally and sleep draining on me! I am sooooo excited for spring/summer and nice weather. We need to air the germs out of our house and get outside for fresh air!!!

Dying Easter eggs with Grandma Shay, Nate, Jamie and Shay! Nate convinced Conley later to dye his hands green, that was fun to clean off! I know my dad was here somewhere, just absent from pics.

Mary bought Isaac and Conley matching Easter baskets. They loved them, Spiderman of course! They had a blast comparing their finds at the North Liberty Easter egg hunt!!! Conley was a little slow to catch on during this hunt, Isaac however had his basket full in about 10 seconds. No shocker for those who know how much Isaac loves candy. Halloween and Easter have to be his favorite days!
This is Shay after a wild day a daycare. They love messing with her hair. She either comes home with pigtails or a mohawk quite frequently.

Conley had a great time today helping Nate build "add-ons" to his trash trailer. I about died laughing when Conley picked out his own outfit today (bob the builder was a perfect choice for today) and put his tool in his pocket ready to go outside and work. He truly is Nate's helper. He is always all up in Nate's business when he is outside working. But don't worry he gets a few things from me...ordering everyone to take their shoes off when they come in, hates his hands dirty-wants to wash them right away, likes to vacuum and clean!!! He is in training, his future wife will appreciate his cleaning skills ;)