Sundblad Crew

Sundblad Crew

Monday, April 22, 2013

Meet Sophie!

 On Saturday we picked up Sophie.  She is a Boston Terrier and is just 6 weeks old.  Tiny does not even begin to describe her...she is SO LITTLE!!!  The kids are IN LOVE!!!  Sophie was excited for the kids to go to school today so she could rest and relax :)
 Last night Sophie snuggled up and fell asleep on Conley.  She likes to sleep a lot which is great for the kids to be able to hold her easier.
 This is actually rare for Conley to have her...Shay has staked her claim!  She is completely smitten and rarely lets Sophie out of her sight.  
 We took the following pics this morning so I could print them today for the kids to take and show their friends tomorrow.  Conley was of course on the couch (he is not our morning person) and Sophie was just chillin.
 Not too great of a picture but we were running late as usual.  Sophie spends her days with Nate while he is working.  So getting 2 kids ready and a dog and out the door by 8am is Nate's new challenge :)
 Nate is responsible for getting up at night with Sophie.  She needs to go out 3 times each night...needless to say Nate got a glimpse of my life with a newborn.  I was slightly loving that Sunday morning when he was exhausted and had to be hands on with our life all day because I'm sick.
For those who haven't heard Sampson got bloat and we had to put him down about 2 months ago.  It was very hard and everyone still talks about him :)  Sophie will be completely different experience being an inside dog and CONSIDERABLY smaller.  We miss Sampson and are excited to have Sophie in our lives.

More pics to come.  I've had a horrible cold, so picture taking is not at the top of my mind :)

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Andrea G. said...

First of all, I am sorry about Sampson! He was a BEAUTIFUL dog. I love that he had no idea how big he was :) And Sophie, oh my! I can't believe you are taking on her before a newborn :) Nate should be trained with Sophie and should be able to help with number 3 then! Hee Hee! We need a coffee or dinner night out sometime! Blessings to you!