Sundblad Crew

Sundblad Crew

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It looks like home!

 Looking at the back of the house.
 Great room...pre-window framing.
 Windows framed.  This is going to be a great view and let in awesome natural light.
 You can see where it ties into the old part.  The green siding is coming off.  I think we may have decided on a brown with a hint of green for the siding.  We are trying to make some big decisions this week.
 The view from the great room.  We bartered the apples from our apple trees for goodies and services!  The pond is really low due to lack of rain, but hopeful will fill up soon.
 Nate is standing in the kitchen.
 Looking through the kitchen to the great room.
 The kids filled left behind pop bottles with sawdust while Nate and I made some decisions and I took pics.  Side note...Shay wore this dress to school with knee high (fallish) boots to school.  I put a pair of shoes in her bag (just in case) and of course she had to change mid-day.  The outfit combinations get better each day...but I have another post about Shay and school coming soon, just wait!
 Standing in laundry looking at our bathroom.  Our bathroom and the kids bathroom open into the laundry...hopefully this will make my life easier having laundry centrally located and easily accessible.
 Laundry the left is the kids bathroom.
 Kids the right of that is Shay's room.
 We have 2 large windows and a door going out to our own deck off our bedroom.  Of course it looks out to the pond, but at this angle you see the kids' swing set.
 A view from the great room.  The swing way out there is my mother's day gift.  Nate and the kids know fishing is not my thing.  I can sit, swing and read while the kids fish or play on the swing set.
The kids' swing set.  You can see Conley sticking out of the tunnel.  Our next door neighbors gave us the swing set, Nate repainted it and it is awesome!  The kids love it!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kindergarten & Pre-K

 1st day of school.  Holding their rest mats, backpacks on and ready to go.  Several photos taken and Shay could not pull off a real smile with eyes open...ahhh!!!
 Sibling love!  Conley has talked for weeks about Pre-K, telling Shay what will happen each day and what she needs to do.  She was quite annoyed with him towards the end.  
 Not too bad Shay and Con cheeses it up!  I took them to school the first day and picked them up when school got out.  Today was their first day of staying in after school care.
 Of course Shay wore a dress and Conley had to wear his "fast shoes" because they had 3 recesses.
 Kindergarten stud!  Here he is at his desk.  There are 20 kids in his class and 16 are BOYS!!!  Everyone needs to say a quick prayer for that teacher!!!  His favorite is recess and of course all his buddies from pre-k are in his class, so he is thrilled about that.
Shay could have cared less when I left.  She was ready to dig in and get started.  I cannot wait to see her excel.  Her favorite thing is the iPad.  Her class has 10 iPads.  They use them for different learning activities and to practice writing letters.  She has 13 kids in her class and all kids in her class go 5 days.  The pre-k program was so popular they added a 2nd class.  That class is for the 3-day and 2-day kids.  She has pre-k until 1:30 and then goes into a class from 1:30-3:30 with other pre-k kids that stay.  At 3:30 she joins Conley in after school care.

We are super excited to have both kids at the same location!!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Quick update!

 This is the most current picture.  A FEW things have happened since this picture, but not much.  We hope to have trusses up by the weekend.  The rain pushed some things back.  The roof got tore off last weekend...right before it started to rain :)
 This picture is obviously older than the one above, but shows our great room and dining room.
 Bedroom, bathroom and laundry room.  Hard to envision but I will keep you posted.
They are standing in the kitchen.  Walls have been formed and this looks different, just need to get over there with my camera.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Wedding 9 months!

 Shay and Conley were in my cousin's wedding this past weekend.  We had a blast!!!  Nate & his family were in Orlando at his cousin's weekend the same day.  We were bummed to be separated, but had a year of weddings.  This was our final one after having 8 in 9 months!!!
 Playing cards during cocktail hour, waiting for the reception to start.  Love UNO!!!  Thanks Aunt Jamie!
 My sister Jamie and her awesome boyfriend Stu.  Thanks Stu for entertaining, swimming and sitting between my kids at rock!
 Best aunts ever!  *Jill...what is with the scary eyes?!
 My cousin Rich and his lovely wife Kim
 FOB and uncle Don and his wife Jane
 My parents....dancing!!!!  Ahhhh!!!!!  Surprising...not looking at the camera.
 My dad and my sis.  This one may need framed!
 This girl is a dancing machine.  NEVER left the dance floor!!!  She rocked it!  If you need someone to get the dance party started, she is for hire!
 The Frantz's...these folks know how to party.  We had a great time!  The kids and I lasted until 11:15PM!!!  And they slept in until 9:15...yes!!!!
 My uncle Harry and aunt Marlene
 The beautiful bride and Harry!
 Mom and 2 of her girls!

 Rockin on the dance floor!!!
 My cousin Kim with dad, Stu and Jamie
 Shay danced almost all night!  She had the best time!!!
 My cousin's son Zach!  Already towering over Jamie!!!
My dad with the bride Jeanna.  Jeanna, thanks for an awesome night!  We had a blast!!!