Sundblad Crew

Sundblad Crew

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Minnesota ski adventure

 We went to Minnesota skiing the middle of February.  We wanted to teach the kids to ski and it was a great family fun weekend.  Here is Shay ready for her 1 hour private lesson.  After 45 minutes she told her instructor that she had enough and was done.  She spent the rest of the weekend in the lodge with me and tubing at night with everyone.
 Conley and Aunt Jill.  Conley had a great 1 hour private lesson and spent the rest of the first day getting the feel for skiing.  The second day he was out on the mountain all day with Nate, Jill, Jamie and Stu.  He went down every run they did.  He loves skiing.  This will have to be our winter activity for sure!
 The ski resort had a tubing area.  They LOVED tubing each night.  The first day we went skiing and tubing was VERY cold.  Here is the crew bundled up and ready to go!
 Here is Conley!  He could not get enough...he would get to the bottom and jump on the track that took him back to the top.  The rest of the crew could never catch up to him!
 Conley doing a couple runs down the bunny hill before they took the chair lift to the top of the mountain.  Jill took tons of pics on Jamie's camera of the second day on the mountain.  They are on Facebook.
 Jill and Con getting on the chair lift.
 Coming down to see us!
 The whole gang.  Shay, my parents, Aunt Rose and myself held down the fort in the lodge.  We enjoyed people watching, Shay watched movies, we ate lots of food and watched the skiers.
 Shay's area.  She snacked, watched movies and played games all day.  Maybe next year she will have more interest.
 Jamie's boyfriend Stu and Shay at lunch on day 2.
 Twins in their North Face shirts they got for Christmas.
Con and Nate during lunch.  Conley would barely eat, he just wanted to get back out on the slopes.  This will definitely be a yearly trip with hopes of getting to Colorado soon!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

So far behind!

 We celebrated Shay's birthday with 3 parties this year.  Her friends celebrated with her at the Children's Museum.  They had a great time playing in many rooms, crafting, dressing up and eating cake!
 Shay and some buddies both old and new.  We stay in touch with a girl from daycare, some girls from preschool and now friends from Pre-K at Heritage.
 Birthday girl with her cake at the museum.
 We had Nate's family over to our house for another birthday celebration.  She picked out her cake with Nana earlier in the week...tinkerbell.  She had a blast playing with her cousins and opening gifts.
 She got a pink golf club set!  She is ready to join Aunt Jill, grandpa Wayne and Conley on the course.
 For her actual birthday we were in Minnesota skiing for the weekend.  I will post skiing pictures tomorrow.  She had a blast (not so much skiing)  We went to Jamie & Stu's for her birthday brunch, cake and presents.
 Her strawberry shortcake cake.  Thanks Aunt Jamie!!!
 Opening gifts.  I'm sure is giving quite the story/explanation on something to my mom and sister.
She got lots of new clothes, games, books & dollars from Aunt Rose.  It was a fun weekend with the family!!!