Sundblad Crew

Sundblad Crew

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fish Relocation

Here is a shot of the flowers and awesome blue pots in one part of the yard.

My aunt lives in Cedar Rapids and has the most BEAUTIFUL backyard you have ever seen. She is the best gardener. She put in a small pond in the backyard and a couple years back she got some fish. The fish come in for the winter, so in the spring we have a "fish party" and bring the fish back out to the pond.
This is looking at the backyard.

Several cars drove by while we were there and slowed or stopped to look at the flowers. My aunt has people driving by all the time. If ever in Cedar Rapids, her yard is a must see!

The kids made her a stepping stone, so here is everyone helping put it in the "perfect spot".

Caught him still and smiling...what are the odds?!

I should buy a lottery ticket...I caught both smiling and still...AMAZING!

We had to break out the bubbles and play in the sunshine!

The kids loved blowing bubbles and chasing them around the yard.

Here they are dumping the large fish in.

Shay dumping in her small goldfish.

Conley dumping in his fish.

Each kid got a bucket with a goldfish in it. They got to dump their fish into the pond. There are also about 5 large fish that they all did together. My cousin brought her daughter (in all pink track suit) and the 3 kids she babysits for. Poor Landon is just 10months old, so he enjoyed the festivities from his front row seat in the stroller.

The kids had a picnic lunch outside and loved just soaking up the sunshine!!!

Thanks Linda for having us! We had a blast!!!