Sundblad Crew

Sundblad Crew

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We went to the Wisconsin Dells this summer with my family and had a blast!!! It was my parents 30th anniversary this year, so this family vaca was a treat for my parents from us girls. We had a blast and of course it was the perfect vacation to take with kids!
Conley LOVED it! He went full steam all weekend! My sister and mom took lots of pics, so I will have to get more from them...but I did pull out my own camera a couple of times;)

Shay had a blast just doin her own thing! She loved any area where the water shot out of the ground.

Swimming with grandpa. It was windy while we were there, so you needed to be in the sun to keep warm.

If you zoom in Shay is crying. She didn't want to go on any slides...however, we forced her down a couple. Aunt Jill took one for the team and took the crying Shay down this slide. Lots of people would stare, but we want her to learn to like it.

The crew on a water ride. Conley loved it!

Mr. Pancake House. Best pancakes EVER!

Shay decided Jill didn't need to see when walking at night. She would always put her dress over Jill's head. She thought it was hilarious, little did she know that her life was endangered;)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's been 2 months!!!

This is what happens when I leave Nate and Con alone for too long. Con in full costume, with his red neck teeth (black sharpie marker)....seriously. The two are quite hilarious and will always keep Shay and I guessing!
Conley has started soccer and LOVES it! He has the full outfit and definitely understands what is going on. He is now in the "big kid" room at Depot. It is a full preschool program this year and so far he is doing great.

Shay is still hilarious and entertaining. She moved up to the 3 year old room at Depot (she will be 3 in February) and I think it is making a huge difference in her speech. She always has been a great speaker and is very easy to understand. She is a little diva and loves to dance.