Sundblad Crew

Sundblad Crew

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our new house!

Okay, I know it has been awhile! In my defense, I work 50 hrs per week, have 2 children, moved to a new house in 2 days with one week notice, and I'm sure I could come up with more excuses if you gave me more time and would listen.

I have included pics of the new house. I miss our old house for so many reasons, but love the new house for its differences. Some things I miss, my beautiful kitchen...I loved that kitchen and all the storage and the cabinets! I miss how the old house felt cleaner and more up-to-date. I loved being so close to downtown, daycare and church (now we actually have to leave the house 15 minutes before church instead of 5, hehe). I love how the new house has the kid's bedrooms on the first floor. We have cut down on the amount of toys EVERYWHERE. They have to keep toys picked up and in their bedrooms...this causes them to play in their rooms more, I love it. I really appreciate the new house being smaller. We got rid of A TON of stuff (thanks stuff etc) and having a smaller house makes cleaning a whole lot easier!

This is our living room. We just moved up this tv, it is supposed to be downstairs. We were given an antenna thingy (I don't know what it is) from my aunt and it only works with our newer tv. We are in the market for a small flat screen and obviously need a tv stand of some sort. This is the old fax stand from Nate's office at the old house.

This is my awesome dining room table (now being put to everyday use). Sorry it's a horrible pic. This is where we eat all the time, we don't have a dining room in this house!
This is our kitchen. We have nice oak cabinets, just need some updated hardware. We will be moving over our dishwasher from the old house and someday completely remodeling this kitchen. We are going to take it out about 6 ft, off the back of the house and gut it! This is funny to those who know me and my cooking skills! But I believe we need a nicer kitchen and everyone always hangs out in the kitchen!
This is the downstairs tv area and play area. It really is huge, but this just shows one part. We have an extra fridge down here and cabinet storage. The kids have their toys down here and soon the huge tv and surround sound will be set up down here.
This mess is bedroom/slash office. Nate's business is run out of the back 1/2 of our bedroom. Luckily the room is huge and we have yet to purchase a bedroom set. I have only been looking for something for 6 years. I can't find anything I like and we are remodeling and putting on a master suite to this house, so I might as well wait to see what the bedroom will look like. In my defense it is laundry day today, and we are going to finish unpacking the last 3 boxes of office papers and personal files!
This is our entry into the house. You can go down the stairs to the right or come straight into the kitchen or living room. It is hard wood throughout the whole house except downstairs family room.

This is our backyard, or some of it. We have 3 acres and it backs up to timber, which makes it feel more than 3 acres. Nate of course says it is perfect for a pond and then we will use the pond to put in geothermal, yada, yada. Go for it buddy!

Samson! He lives in the greenhouse attached to the house. More on this in a later post. The kids love him more everyday. We are glad we kept him. He now will let us put on a leash and actually has gone on walks to the res with us. He definitely is getting more mellow and getting more used to the kids.
This is why we can't live in town. We own more trailers than anyone I know. 4 snowmobiles sit on the side of the garage, there are dirt bikes, two riding lawn mowers, and I'm sure other items I don't even know about. We would look like hillbillies in town for sure!!!!!!!
This is the front of the house. We are planning to add a 3/4 stall to the right of the garage. Behind that will be a master suite with a walkout shop in the basement. Of course we have MANY remodel projects. We are trying to wait at least 2 years before we start anything major. We are happy here and it definitely feels like home. We have awesome neighbors (we really have never had neighbors) as Nate's parents live 2 doors up and the couple that lives between us is awesome. We enjoy being close the res, and have taken walks out there almost every weekend.