Sundblad Crew

Sundblad Crew

Monday, June 6, 2011


We put in 4 new windows 2 weeks ago and replaced the kitchen window with a new one. We bought 11 new windows total and Nate has been putting them in as he has time.
2 new windows were cut into this wall. We had problems with raccoons getting into the roof. On this wall the raccoons pulled out the insulation and was trying to scratch through the wall. You can see this above the ladder and to the left where the pink insulation is missing.

Nate repairing the insulation before putting up new plywood.

The octagon window was removed and a large window put in it's place. Don't ask about the shirt. It is even brighter in person!!!

The east side wall with the 3 new windows in place.

The north wall with 2 of the new windows. It lets in so much natural light, we love it! We love being able to see out the front. Don't look at the decorating...that will come when the project is COMPLETE! For now there is usually a ladder, shopvac, tool belt and many other items laying around our living room or kitchen.

Looking at the front of the house. We are still deciding on siding and roof colors. We are going to do a metal roof.

The 2 new windows that were cut in are the 2 on the right. The window on the left already existed, just got replaced with a brand new window. There are lots of changes happening, but unfortunately Nate has a lot of projects going on at once. We are hoping to get the remaining 6 windows in soon so the drywall crew can come and scrap ceilings, texture and mud the new drywall areas. Never a dull moment at the Sundblad house!!!