Sundblad Crew

Sundblad Crew

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Conley's day of fun!

Yesterday was a day of pure fun for Conley. I had heard many awesome things about the Farmer's Market in Iowa City on Saturdays. We decided to head down there and check it out. It was awesome! Conley loves crowds and saying hello to everyone he meets, so he had a blast. There was a live band and a bucket of chalk for the kids to draw on the cement. He thought that was cool. Nate had errands to run, so he took off in the car and the kids and I walked to the ped mall. Conley LOVED playing in the fountain, we could have stayed here all day! He would put his head above where the water was coming out and he would run through the water, he had a blast.

At home my dad came over (Conley loves his grandpa) and helped Nate take down a tree. So the boys worked outside and Conley received many "tractor" rides on the lawn mower. My dad ate with us, again another Conley favorite, and then Conley got some much needed nap time.

When Conley woke up we (Nate, myself, my dad, Conley & Shay) headed up to Cedar Rapids to my aunts house. My aunt has the most amazing gardens and was giving Nate some plants for around our property. Conley LOVED playing in the gardens. There were some butterflies that he chased all over, she has a small pond that he kept looking in and telling us there weren't any fishies, and she lives on a busy street and many motorcyclists were out driving. We went out for dinner and after dinner walked across the street to the Dairy Queen. Conley ate his cone and half of my blizzard. He loves ice cream!

We left my aunts for what I thought was home, but detoured through Cedar Rapids and made our way to Hawkeye Downs. This is the icing on the cake for Conley's day. Nate raced dirt bikes growing up and it is still in his blood. Some Saturday nights at Hawkeye Downs they have motorcross and 4-wheeler races. So of course we bought tickets and went in to watch. At this point is was about 8pm and we ended up staying for an hour. Normally Conley would have been tired and cranky, but he was in love with his new experience. When we got in the arena close enough to see, the first thing out of his mouth was "I wanna ride it" and Nate shot back "No problem buddy, we'll get you one". For those that know my husband well, this is a battle I will not win. I win most of the time, but this one he has in the bag. I have to admit it was fun to watch and there were some minor crashes that made me very nervous, but overall pretty safe. It was hard for Conley to leave, but I am certain we will have many trips back to that place and someday our trip will include a dirtbike and my child in full gear!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Best Buds

Every night Conley and I pray before he goes to bed. When I ask who he wants to pray for, every night the first two names out of his mouth are Isaac and Chloe. It is absolutely precious to see the three of them see each other. They always are excited to see each other, and MOST of the time play really well together. We love having family close and I'm excited to watch them grow up together. I thought I would include some pictures of the "best buddies" in action. I also included pictures of Shay and McKinzie. Shay is only 4 months older than McKinzie, so they of course will be best buds as well. They already share clothing, have painted toenails, and ear piercing is in the works!!! Luckily they have a very "girly" role model (Chloe) and moms who are great friends and love to shop!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Terrible Twos

So, I have decided that I have no desire to potty train Conley even if he is ready (which I think he isn't). Every now and then however, he tests us on this potty training thing. After telling the doctor he doesn't care if his diaper is wet and that he never tells me he pooped, the kid told me that next day that he pooped and asked for his diaper to come off because it was wet. He then began to ask to use the potty. Nate and I decided to take him to Wal-Mart and let him "buy" his own potty. So now we have a potty that makes music when he goes. Needless to say we have yet to hear the music! So this now leads me to the pictures posted below. We put Conley down for a nap (he should have been exhausted, no sleep the night before due to a father/son camping trip) and I heard him break out of his room. I came around the corner to find a NAKED Conley and pee on my floor. Of course he told me "momma I peed", then took off running to escape the "mommy grab". He had taken off his diaper, broke down the gate that is SUPPOSED to keep him locked in his room, peed on my WHITE carpet, and of course thought it was funny. It is hard not to laugh at a naked, excited kid running around your hallways. To keep this blog G rated, I took the pics after I put the diaper back on ;)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Shay is 5 months old!!!

I figured I should give an update on Shay. She just turned 5 months this last week and is finally filling out. She is rolling all over the place. She can hold her head up great and loves to play in the exersaucer (as does Conley). I have been trying to introduce rice cereal and she is not a fan. In the pictures above you can see the reaction I get when she gets the slightest bit into her mouth. She has the most beautiful blue eyes, and unlike Conley looks a LITTLE bit like me. Although, everyday she looks more and more like Conley (who looks just like Nate when he was that age). She loves being entertained by Conley. Most of the time he is just being his wild self and doesn't realize he has her for an audience. Enjoy the pics of Shay!

Conley's first fishing trip

Nate and I took Conley fishing in Nate's fishing boat about 2 weeks ago. Nate caught a fish right away, and Conley freaked out as it flopped around on the bottom of the boat. We then hit a dry spell and didn't catch a fish the rest of the time. Conley, however had a great time playing with the worms Nate had bought and couldn't have cared if we caught anything else. Nate is excited to teach Conley to fish and Conley loves playing with worms. Someday they will be on the same page ;) I just enjoy soaking up the sun!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I joined the blogging world!

So after talking to Jill Kapfer I decided to create my own blog. I am after all, addicted to my friends' blogs and have many friends and family living far away who continually ask for updates on my children and our lives. This is my first blog, so there will be no pictures or videos! I will try to update often with pictures and cute stories about my children, but remember I am a working mother, so often my goals get trumped by needing sleep, cleaning, laundry, and of course my beautiful children! I will have you all know this process of setting up and laying out this blog was a quick process, so it will probably need some maintenance in the next few days. No laughing!